Yoshi – My response to Scott Watters on Herald Sun’s Sacked Podcast

Yoshi takes exception to negative commentary on his beloved St Kilda. He also has a distinct preference when it comes to Melbourne newspapers!

A response to Mark Robinson’s piece on AFLW in Saturday’s Herald Sun

Yvette Wroby responds, globally and point by point, (and passionately) to Mark Robinson’s appraisal of AFLW and women’s footy which was published in the Herald Sun on Saturday (Aug 11). [A strong response to say the least – Ed]

The 2018 Grantland Rice Cup

Earl O’Neill on newspapers, websites and sports journalism, plus his thoughts on the upcoming Round of AFL matches.

Almanac Racing – A week of Payne

Michelle Payne has been suspended for testing positive a banned substance, but her reputation might have been enhanced. Tom Riordan explains an unpredictable week in racing.

After another strange opinion piece, the people of South Australia ask what is wrong with Mark Robinson?

Everyone wonders what’s wrong with South Australians – according to Mark Robinson. Self-appointed South Australian representative, Dave Brown, wonders back.

Interested to get your thoughts on the Mark Knight Heart cartoon

Your thoughts on this?

Put down the poison pen

Melbourne ruined the stories and headlines of many journalists by winning their game against the Giants. Matt Watson wonders if Neeld can get a little breathing space.

Football writer

Apologies to Lennon/McCartney (I think it was the latter) Dear Sports Ed, won’t you read my stuff I can make a sentence, so I’m good enough Never really played much footy before Failed first-year law And now I wanna be a football writer Football writer Irony drips from my poison pen I can do cross-promos [Read more]