Round 4 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Turn it Up!

Jeremy Cameron turns it on to provide Geelong with a much needed first win of the season to the relief of Dips O’Donnell and other Geelong fans.

Almanac Teams: Best 22 (1980- )

Ironic given the number and its association with the best side a club can put up, but Rodney Boyd’s best of Number 22 team shows a few limitations compared to the smaller numbers we’ve seen so far.

Almanac Footy: It’s Time, Scotty!

Deakin student Chris Mangos watches football strategy and tactics very closely. Here he asks why Geelong coach Chris Scott has a relatively poor finals record, analysing three significant losses in particular. [This piece may flush out some Geelong frustration in the comments – Ed]

Almanac Golf: We can win this

The first golf team – P. Flynn, Medium Dazza Smith, Jake Norton (of the Wandering Eye) and JTH – to represent The Footy Almanac ventured to Barwon Heads. Here’s what happened. [First published 2012]

Geelong: Let’s have some realistic perspective

Following the chorus of complaints after a win last week, Marcus Holt reckons Geelong fans could do with a dose of perspective. He also mounts a strenuous defense of the maligned Chris Scott.

Grand Final 2011 – Geelong v Collingwood: In search of Jenny Hawkins’ pasta

Fox Footy showed the 2011 Geelong-Collingwood Grand Final yesterday. John Harms thought it deserved a match report.

A Mea Culpa for Chris

Based on Chris Scott’s actions in the past week, Paul Spinks is moved to offer a mea culpa.

No Mea Culpa for Chris (as pointyenditis continues)

Is it the coach’s fault for lack of success at a club or can it be put down to something else? Paul Spinks examines the role of Chris Scott as a coach and wonders whether “pointyenditis” is a problem at the club.

The 2019 ‘Spud’ Frawley Cup – Semi Finals

Earl O’Neill, from his incomparable perspective, presents his thoughts surrounding Week 2 of the finals.

Finals Week 1 – Sal’s Preview: Spring is in the Air!

Sal’s team didn’t make the cut for the Finals, so he’s a little less than enthused. Nevertheless, he runs his eye over the Week 1 clashes to come up with his predicted winners.

Round 23 – FEARLESS 2019: And now the pre-finals bye…finalists tend your injured.

Fearless presents his weekly review of the previous round of AFL matches. He also makes some interesting comments about Geelong hosting a home final and the future prospects of the Gold Coast Suns.

Finals Week 1- Elimination Final: Melbourne v Geelong

The class of Geelong and their ability knowing how to win big games should give them the advantage over Melbourne suggests Declan Dempsey-Young. Whatever the result, he believes this match will almost certainly be a close-fought affair.

Half Way Cat Report: Pussies Postscript

The Cats’ defeat at the hands of the Bulldogs on Friday night has Paul Spinks re-thinking the situation at Geelong. Do the players have their heads screwed on? And who at the Cattery is taking any notice?

Half Way Cat Report

Reviewing Geelong’s performance at the half way mark of the season, Paul has seen enough to suggest the Cats can be more than successfully mediocre, especially once some experienced players return from injury. Though, the elephant it still in the change room. Is it hungry?

AFLM Round 13 – Geelong v Richmond: Playing in the Puddles

Jack Banister remembers the good times of playing wet-weather footy and what it means to look like a footy player while watching Geelong v Richmond on a sodden MCG deck.

Almanac Footy: Cats got our tongue

Can real change only occur if the Cats finish in the cellar? Paul Spinks ponders this scenario and others as he contemplates Geelong’s forthcoming AFL season.

Finals Week 2 – Six (Talking) Points

Six more stabs at tabloid sensationalism from Swish. Zero shades of grey. Stevie J, Buddy, C Scott, P Dangerfield, Crow supporters, GWS crowds, Kochie and Ken all get a run.

Round 20 – Geelong v Sydney: Caecilius est iratus

Dips uses logic to help him understand the Geelong coaching panel. But can anyone tell us what that phrase means. It could be a rare Montmorency dialogue.

Cycles, Troughs and Peaks

Peter Crossing expertly summarises the AFL season to date. [So who finishes in the top 8?]

Round 12 Preview – Scott a lot to say

Round 12 kicks off tonight with the Grand Final replay which will be a cracker. The Socceroos will also be playing a pivotal game tonight against Saudi Arabia in the World Cup Qualifiers.