Round 22 – Sal’s Preview: Tough tipping round

In what is the toughest tipping round for the season, Sal Ciardulli has some observations if not advice.

Fearless 2017 Round 22 – Then There Was 9

Fearless’ fearless review of Round 22. Denial is of course just a river in Egypt….

Round 22 Review: Fearless – Injuries just might determine September outcomes, even with a bye…

Round 22 receives the typical Fearless review, no holding back or pulling punches, sorry Rory.

Round 22 – St Kilda v Sydney: A first time Swans experience

Swans supporter Craig Dodson takes his toddler sons to the footy for the first time and learns very quickly it takes great skill to win the contest.

The Wrap – Round XXII

Mr Wrap reviews Round 22, and his Striped Marvels are back in town and sharpening their claws for September.

Round 22 – Geelong v Collingwood: a speculative match report

Pies supporter Damian Balassone has attempted to predict the future by writing a report on Geelong v Collingwood, a game that hasn’t happened yet.

Round 22: The Pre Wrap

The Wrap previews and discusses Round 22 while also giving a summary of what has happened not just the AFL but world sport in the last 2 months.

Round 22 – Haiku Bob – filling holes

Haiku Bob is (pleasantly) surprised to find himself penning a winning Haiku for his Magpies in the wet in Sydney.

AFL Round 22 – Essendon v Gold Coast: Something Worth Watching

Andrew Else was not required for coaching duties this weekend so he spent the weekend at Cape Schanck. But he couldn’t take his eyes off the tight final quarter between his Bombers and the Suns.

The Post Wrap – Round 22: Where Life Imitates Football

Mr Wrap reviews the Round 22 action and the prospects for the final round. He has been crunching the numbers for a new premiership points system (surprisingly the Tigers finish 8th).

AFL Round 22 – Port Adelaide v Carlton: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed Something Teal … Again.

Dan Hansen and the NSW Port Supporters Group (now there’s a name for a band) journeyed to Fiji and a wedding to see their team triumph over a Carlton team that was also on holidays.

AFL Round 22 – Richmond v St Kilda: St Kilda Dreaming

Yvette Wroby’s Saints boys were in Melbourne for the last time this season, and she runs the ruler over their future prospects.

AFL Round 22 – West Coast Eagles v Melbourne: Pride of the Eagles, Demons and Bombers

There wasn’t much to talk about in his Eagles desultory win over the struggling Demons, so Peter Baulderstone thought he would focus on a man close to both clubs in Neale Daniher.

AFL Round 22 – Port Adelaide v Carlton: Substandard Homesick Blues

The cleverest, funniest piece you will read on the Almanac or anywhere this footy season. Tony Robb channels Bob Dylan to sing the Blues about his Blues and take the piss out of Mick.

AFL Round 22 – St.Kilda v Gold Coast: The end of the end is only the beginning for the Saints.

For all the brilliance of Montagna and Riewoldt, this match came to be about Stephen Milne.

AFL Round 22 – Review: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher gets a few things off his chest.

AFL Round 22 – Review: The Wrap

The main outcome from the round is that Richmond will play Essendon to remain 5th. Unless of course The Dons are stripped of their points. In which case the main interest is who holds Glorious 9th. Three teams can make it: Carlton, Brissy & North.

AFL Round 22 – Preview: The blink and you lose Round

The riddle doing the rounds of the playground is; if Handy Andy, Shoeless Jim, the AFL & the EFC were in a plummeting plane and there was only one parachute, who would be saved?

Round 22 Preview – Reaching The Penultimate

The fan in the stand deserves better, writes Sal Ciardulli.

AFL Round 22: The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Greetings Tipsters So how was the penultimate round for you? Good for some, great for others, devastating, embarassing and maybe the first waves of relief that pretty soon you won’t have to be humiliated by the silly buggers out there wearing the same colours as yourself. That’d be the Mosquitoes, wouldn’t it? Early on, the [Read more]