AFL Round 22 – Richmond v St Kilda: St Kilda Dreaming

Our boys did better today against the Tigers than I expected, but then, Richmond took the foot off the pedal an awful lot.  After a 5 goal head start, the Saints pegged a few back, at least going into the first break with a decent enough start.  We pulled it back but we’re on a different league to the rest, and as I yet again missed going to a game because of a persistent cough, at least I could watch in comfort.

So in comfort, I’ll tell you what I look forward to in the future.

Spencer White:  made his debut with 3 goals, he runs fast, seems footy savvy, confident and bloody accurate.  He brought himself into the game by staying at home and being a good forward target, making a competition when he could and becoming beloved to Saints fans as one of the faces of the future.  DD has been telling me for ages to watch out for Spencer White.  Now I know why.  His two years in Sandringham gaining strength and confidence will auger well for the future.  Commentators likened him to Buddy.  We’ll take that, thanks.

Tom Hickey:  recovering from injury and returning to a side that now has some good young guns, including him.  He’s confident too, and strong in body.  I want to see him grow in strength and become a future ruckman/forward/defender.

Jack Steven:  I love watching Jack play and he is all heart, injury has kept him away and I want to wrap him up in cotton wool and loving protection. I look forward to his future as a Saint.

Shane Savage: a break in his arm at training this week and he is added to our injury list, like all the others off injured he was showing a bit for his new Saints club before predictably (for the Saints in 2014) was off.

Sebastian Ross:  he’s a tough young man who has played well this year and just needs time and experience, but he is strong and confident and learning.  We can’t ask more at this point.

Jarryn Geary: was playing his heart out until a terrible injury had him out for the year.  I look forward to his continued experience and his gut playing.  Brilliant.

Jack Billings:  A wonderful young up and coming player who was nominated for the Rising Star and is now injured.  Showed so much confidence and dash up forward and was a pleasure to watch all year.

Jack Newnes: also has recovered from injury and played really consistently most of the year.  Is proving to be one of the great new talents for the team and will only get better.

Dylan Roberton:  Dylan has suffered both concussion that I think affected his confidence and other injuries and he is not playing at the moment, and I would love his return to his 2013 form.

Billy Longer: he tries so hard, it’s difficult to believe he is only 21.  He has had to step up in Hickey’s absence and between he and Stanley have been our ruck stocks.  Shows great bravery and effort and will only get better.

Sam Gilbert:  We only had Sam back for a few weeks and now he has re-injured his foot and his frustration matches the Clubs.  Our defence is better when he’s there, so experienced and most of the time very solid.  At 28 we hope that he still has it in him to continue.

David Armitage: Is having an outstanding year and is as tough as nails, his leadership and effort are something we can all look forward to seeing develop and in a crappy year for the team he has had an outstanding one personally.

Luke Delaney: formally from North Melbourne, Luke has provided some strength down back, where St.Kilda lack big bodies and height.  He is not always accurate but he does give effort and I hope he improves as we need his determination and energy.

Farren Ray:  I hope he stays on one more year, he looks fit and is experienced and has had a better second half of the season.

Sean Dempster:  As one of our oldest players, a Sydney Premiership player, he’s getting longer in the tooth but still shows great courage in the Saints defence.  Another good year from Sean could see our younger defenders then take over.

Sam Fischer:  I never want to see Sam go.  His return to the side after a season full of injury makes us look so much better, and his experience is much needed.  Will he be there next year??

Tom Curren: is another one of our tough young men who has had a lot of game time over the last two years and we look forward to more of it.

Josh Bruce: I loved watching him up forward, goaling, using his strength, until injury chopped him down too.  I want him back and rearing to go next year.  I like what he’s bringing to the table.

Rhys Stanley:  I do see improvement in one of our frustrating players, he had a run of really good games but doesn’t seem to keep it going all the time.  With Spencer coming in like today, Stanley, like Riewoldt, spent more time fetching the ball up the ground, and I like this use of Stanley.  Hopefully, his skills will improve and he stays healthy.

Jimmy Webster:  I love Jimmy’s effort when he’s fit and well and he has showed great spirit as a Saint, another Tasmanian who will hopefully bring some of that Tassie magic to St.Kilda in the future.

Brodie Murdoch:  Brodie shows promise and hopefully another preseason builds up his size and maturity and I look forward to having him both in defence, through the middle and a sneaky goal getter in the forward line.

Tom Simpkin:  When not injured, Tom is really impressive and I want him back on the park as soon as possible. He has shown great courage and promise, another player to be excited about.

Nathan Wright: A tough young defender who seems to play his heart out and I want him out there doing his magic and showing the Saints faithful some good play.  Good potential.

Josh Saunders:  Another young gun who needs time and experience and has shown great spirit for the Saints.  Just needs more games.

Luke Dunstan:  It was wonderful having him play so many good games before injury struck and we can only hope that he’ll be back and playing good football, especially through the middle and up forward.  A tough young man and I like how he plays. He’s also been nominated for a Rising Star.

Cameron Shenton:  Cameron has come back from injury and is trying really hard, is versatile and shows great promise.  More game time for Cameron.

Blake Acres and Eli Templeton:  Loved watching these guys but injury riddled St.Kilda 2014 took them away from the fans and the team alike.

Maverick Weller:  A tough young gun who is proving to be fun to watch.  He really goes for the ball and knows what to do when he gets it.

There are question marks after a number of players as 2014 comes to a close, will Siposs ever improve, (when he’s not injured), will Clint Jones stay another year and should he, Dennis-Lane, another player in and out and injured, can’t hold a place, Tom Lee seems MIA, Daniel Marksworth looked good but was injured, will Leigh Montagna make it another year, he seems to have lost his zip, Adam Schneider may well be playing his last games, as may be the injured James Gwilt.  He is very good when on the park, but was dropped this week so may be injured again.  He will have to be managed.  Sam Dunnell, I think is also injured, but seems inconsistent when playing, and Lewis Pierce has yet to don the Red, White and Black.  Jason Holmes is learning the game and I hope he comes along after some time in the VFL.

And then there are the king of kings, Nick Riewoldt, with us for another year and always showing magnificent leadership and courage, and our exiting hero Lenny Hayes, who will be forever beloved by the Club and supporters.  These two men are the soul of the Saints.  In the last two years they have been teaching the young men some of the qualities that could make them as endeared to the Club and supporters as these two men have been.

So as Saints supporters wait for our final defeat next week, and an end to the season, we have 2015 to look forward to.  If we can have some better luck with injury, our team will inevitably improve.  I think our coaching staff and Alan Richardson are on the right track, I like that they have given almost every player on the Saints list a go this year (injuries meant they had no choice) and it at least gives the fans some hope for the future.  And isn’t that what 17 of the clubs will be thinking about once October hits??

Bring on 2015 and a list of healthy players.  Farewell Lenny and others.  Let’s see what the future brings.

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  1. Keiran Croker says

    Yvette, I love your ability to look for the positives. Teams go through cycles, so I am sure your boys will be on the up before too long!

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