The Dancing Footballers

Poetry in motion, the dancing footballers.

TAB Epigram

Wilde about the flutter! The latest from wordsmith Damian Balassone.

Sports Role Models

Damian Balassone’s poem on the differing facets of role models in sport.

The Gambler at the Guillotine

Damian Balassone’s latest offering provides a cutting edge view of the perils of the punt.

Strange Game in a Strange Land

Poet Damian Balassone delivers us another beautiful footy poem.

The Black and White Song and Dance

Damian Balassone takes us on a beautiful familial journey of joining the Collingwood faithful via Abruzzo, Dights Falls and Victoria Park with thanks to his late father, Donato.

My Favourite Helen

Only one Helen can top the list in poet Damian Balassone’s opinion…

Johnny Warren’s Wig

The latest whimsy from Damian Balassone on Johnny Warren’s Wig.

When Alex Rance….

Lance, Rance, and Ray are set to verse.

Adam Goodes vs. Daniel Wells

Well, if you like to play with words, you’d have to say that this is good! Damian Balassone gets cute.

Almanac Teams: The Smiths

Damian Balassone keeps the recent Almanac Teams bonanza going with a team made up of that most common of monikers, Smith

Almanac Teams: Follically Challenged Left-Footers

Damian Balassone presents a team inspired by not just left footers, but those lacking in the upstairs dermal department too.

The Night Footballer

Whimsy from our Poet at the Desk, Damian Balassone.

Cricket Caste System

Some cricket poetry from our Poet at the Desk, Damian Balassone.

Gerard Whate

Whimsy from our Poet at the Desk, Damian Balassone.

Mike Gatting

Damian Balassone has some (poetic) fun with Mike Gatting.

Allan Border’s Form Slump

A little poemsy from Damian Balassone.

My Nonna

Damian Balassone’s Nonna has a clear view of the footy codes.

Battle of the Football Codes

Poems for three of the footy codes from Damian Balassone.

Don Scott’s Dimple

Damian Balassone has written his latest poem about Hawthorn great Don Scott and his prominent dimple.