Round 1 – Essendon v Fremantle: Commentators joke as the empty crowd cheer.

It was a tense last quarter for Bombers fans in their Round 1 match against the Dockers at Marvel Stadium as Caspar McLeod with scarf and beanie reports from his sitting room .

Richmond – 18 Months in Review: A Fruitful Journey

Dr Cruel relives the past 18 months as a Tiger supporter. He looks forward to 2019.

The View from the Summit

Above all, Richmond has reminded Stainless why he fell in love with footy in the first place. It’s something you do and watch for fun. His Tigers are bringing him a lot of joy!

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: The Little Things

For Patrick Emery, three specific moments in the Grand Final encapsulate Richmond’s season, and the glory of its unexpected victory.

AFL Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Exiles on the Western Shore

John Green couldn’t imagine Richmond making the Grand Final in 2017, so much so he booked a holiday to WA. He watched the game with his wife at the Walpole Hotel bar and enjoyed every second of the unforgettable victory.

AFL Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Best. Day. Ever.

For Gill, this was simply the best day ever. She enjoyed every second of the Tigers amazing performance on the Grand Final day.

Fearless 2017 Round 22 – Then There Was 9

Fearless’ fearless review of Round 22. Denial is of course just a river in Egypt….