Round 15 – Fremantle v Brisbane: Going West and Seeing the Light

After a win over Freo, Brin assesses the future of the Lions and weighs in on the loss of Harris Andrews.

Almanac (Footy) Poetry – The Rhymer: My Favourite things

Inspired by the Sound of Music, The Rhymer is moved to write about the rough and tumble of footy.

MRP Raffle: Cotchin-Sloane

Rulebook is fiercely adamant Trent Cotchin must receive a fine for his bump on Dylan Shiel that ended the GWS star’s preliminary final early.

The Wrap Report: Finals’ Edition 2

The Wrap has returned for analysis of the preliminary finals including Adelaide’s massive win, Richmond’s surge to a Grand Final for the first time in 35 years, Cotchin’s bump and Dusty’s Brownlow night.

Match Review Panel: Consistently Inconsistent

Anna Pavlou comes in off the long run in this searing assessment of the MRP.

The Raving Rulebook Video – First Edition

You’ve read his fine work on The Footy Almanac. You’ve taken his phone calls. You’ve bought his raffle tickets. Now you can see what he actually looks like as Rulebook shares his thoughts on football, sport and life on the first ever Raving Rulebook Video!

Supporters Review Panel

Paul Spinks has taken issue with the staging taking place in the AFL.

My thoughts on Houli’s case and the media

Japanese footy correspondent looks at the Houli case from another country for a different perspective.

Round 2 – Hits and Misses

After a big weekend of footy, Tom Riordan reviews Round 2 and what the results mean for the teams.

Round 22: The Pre Wrap

The Wrap previews and discusses Round 22 while also giving a summary of what has happened not just the AFL but world sport in the last 2 months.

Round 15 Preview – Tackling a few issues?

Sal previews Round 15 of the AFL. While tackling a few issues that are currently in the AFL.

Being Ruled By The Rules

Liam Quin offers more common sense about AFL umpiring and rules adjudication, than will be heard in a year of Rules Committee deliberations or a month of talkback radio.


Rob Chanter says “let blokes go for the ball”.

MRP – bureaucracy at its finest?

Career bureaucrat (that’s a compliment in case you were unsure) Dave Brown suggests that with a little bit of tweaking, the MRP system has still got some legs. What do you think?

AFL Round 16 – Geelong v Melbourne: Forward to the past

Stevie Johnson in full flight warms the hearts of all at Kardinia Park. Then it happens – again! An undisciplined and unnecessary act – why Stevie J, why?

Middle Australia Rule(s) Committee

North Melbourne small-forward Brent Harvey has been offered a four-match ban for two separate incidents: a three-match ban for striking West Coast’s Daniel Kerr and a one-match ban for striking Kerr’s teammate Adam Selwood in the Kangaroos’ season-ending loss in Perth yesterday. Middle Australia Rule(s) committee. Rule 1. Smacking an annoying opponent There are players, [Read more]

crio’s Q: MRP shambles

Mark Fraser. Peter Carey. Paul Broderick. The MRP. “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. Apparently there is widespread dissatisfaction (dismay/distrust) with the AFL’s Match Review Panel. It’s a soft target. Who’s got a solution?

MRP – it’s the humans, stupid

We all remember the old AFL tribunal – well some of us do. It was hopeless. Subjective as all get out. Inconsistent. Biased. Incredibly frustrating. Everybody agreed, even the AFL commissioners. There had to be a better way. So they scoured the globe, looked at other systems, and decided that the solution was to go [Read more]