Round 22 – St Kilda v Sydney Swans: Zebras, Sharks and Saints

The pure joy of the postgame kick-to-kick — and the later gathering of the Saints’ faithful in the Victory Room — were likely the biggest positives to come out of a long Sunday at the footy for Yvette Wroby. And that just might be enough.

Round 22 – St Kilda v Sydney: When worlds collide

Ross Treverton might have blown his cover with this story of covertly supporting his Swans. [Keep on eye on the police officer’s socks at the footy – Ed]. [This is a dead set Almanac classic – JTH]

Round 22 – St Kilda v Sydney Swans: The Craic

Joe Moore brings a distinctly Irish feel to his report of the Swans taking on St Kilda at the Docks. Fill yer boots, brother Joe.

Round 22 – St Kilda v Sydney: A first time Swans experience

Swans supporter Craig Dodson takes his toddler sons to the footy for the first time and learns very quickly it takes great skill to win the contest.

Round 22 – St Kilda vs Sydney: Deeply etched memories of Saints and Swans

The St Kilda vs Swans game prompts Jan Courtin to reflect on some family history.