An Australian Cricket Team for the Pandemic

Citrus Bob Utber has thrown down a cricket challenge to Almanackers. Can you identify the players from the clues?

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup – Resounding win for Australia in decider

Well all good things must come to an end, and last night’s T20 World Cup ended with a resounding victory for the Aussies over India in front of over 85,000 fans. Liam Hauser also wraps up his fine coverage of the tournament & selects his team of the cup.

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup – England, South Africa and India qualify for finals, but which of Australia and New Zealand will join them?

We already know three of the four semi-finalists, now it’s down to the historic sporting rivals and neighbours, Australia and New Zealand for the remaining spot – Liam Hauser looks over recent clashes in the T20 Women’s World Cup.

Almanac Cricket: 80 not out and still batting

Bob Utber takes us back to his first Test match when he was a young’un in 1946-47. Yes, he saw Bradman [Unlucky – Ed]. Then Citrus picks a team for the first Test of the Australian summer.

The Ashes – First Test: Australian squad for the Gabba


Almanac Cricket – Blowers Out, Citrus Sweet

Citrus Bob is getting excited ahead of The Ashes this summer. He looks at the possible team line-ups for the first test at the Gabba.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Cranky Pete’s ode to the great Victor Trumper.
“He was twice as good, and averaged half as much as, Smith”

India v Australia Test Series

Aidan Hammond wraps up the recent India v Australia Test Series.

Blind, Deaf and Clueless: Why Australia Lost the Test

Phil Hill turns to the Laws of the game to explain why Australia lost in Perth. It appears South Africa got the Rabada green

Round 22: The Pre Wrap

The Wrap previews and discusses Round 22 while also giving a summary of what has happened not just the AFL but world sport in the last 2 months.

Why this Ashes series was a disappointment (not just the result)

Jeremy Hill on why he believes that not just the result, but the whole Ashes series was a disappointment.

Adam Voges – A Baggy Green hard earned and well deserved

Adam Voges made his Test debut overnight and Reggie couldn’t be more thrilled, as he explains what he has done to get there.

Compliments of the Season – the Christmas Issue

Greetings of the season to all, Welcome to the bumper Christmas issue to guide you through the silly season and some pontification on the events of past year.  At this time last year the test series was all over, the Ashes safe and just the tidying up of proceedings to go.  We are effectively at [Read more]

Now I Know… Cricket Positions for Nannas and A Few Thoughts

Yvette Wroby makes a commitment to better understand Cricket, and, like everyone else who loves the game, Phillip Hughes will be foremost in her mind today.

Test cricket preparation: Ashes encounter on the doorstep (or wherefore art thou, everybody?)

What has Cricket Australia been thinking? It’s been difficult to understand which hemisphere everybody is in, let alone how form is shaping up. David Wilson takes a look at the preparation of the national Test squad and finds only a forget-a-thon of tiddly-winks.

Middle Australia Selects the Australian Cricket Team

Some clear-cricket-thinking from Middle Australia.