A Letter from Pooncarie – 2020 Season preview?

John Mosig (aka The Wrap) contemplates the prospect of a long, dark winter without footy. But on the off chance that the season begins, he makes a few predictions.

Almanac Flashback – The Wrap: Finals 2009 Week 1

Flashback! Check out who played Finals Week 1 2009 and the results of those games as reviewed by the inimitable The Wrap. Interesting reading!

The Wrap Returns: Coaching Last Rites

Mr Wrap has sent us a letter from his Pooncarie hideaway naming more of the guilty in coaching ranks. “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee” as Brendon and Brad and Richo and Ross found out.

Almanac Flashback – Round 21 2009: The Wrap has his say!

Another Footy Flashback to Round 21, 2009 with The Wrap’s analysis of the results of those games. And as he says, “…..if you read it in The Wrap you’ll know it’s not crap.” A cracker of a read!

The Wrap – A letter from the Saloon Bar

The Wrap returns. Drawn from his Pooncarie lair by the state of AFL affairs, he isn’t holding back.

The Wrap Blast: Tickets Please

Mr Wrap slams the incompetence and self interest of the ticketing agencies and the overpaid AFL executives at Jellymont House. (Let us know your experience with buying tickets for Round 1 of the Finals – Ed)

The Pooncarie Letter: Mr Wrap Returns

Mr Wrap returns off the long run to support the traditions of the great game and flay the jellyfish from Jellymont House.

The Wrap’s Team of Brothers

The Wrap’s come up with this Team of Brothers.

The Wrap Report – Finals’ Edition IV: Ninth no more

The Wrap is on top of the world. HE TIPPED THIS (as he tells us – Ed). Magnificent account of Grand Final day penned before he slinks back up the bush. [Super piece – JTH]

The Finals’ Wrap Report III: Then there were two

The Wrap has a comprehensive analysis of all the week’s big moments including the Brownlow Medal, the VFL, Grand Final tickets and a detailed preview of the massive Grand Final clash on Saturday afternoon.

The Wrap Report: Finals’ Edition 2

The Wrap has returned for analysis of the preliminary finals including Adelaide’s massive win, Richmond’s surge to a Grand Final for the first time in 35 years, Cotchin’s bump and Dusty’s Brownlow night.

The Wrap (is back!): Finals’ Edition 1

Mr Wrap has been up the bush for a couple of years but when word got to the Pooncarrie Pub of a Tigers finals’ victory, Mr Wrap sprung into action…He got back to Richmond, had a season’s worth of press clippings put in front of him and tried to make sense of them. [Not a bad reading of the tea leaves Wrap – Ed]

The Final Wrap Report

The Wrap has assessed all of the protagonists from within the confines of the Wrapcave, presenting what you know to be true in The Final Wrap Report.

Almanac Season Review: Richmond (The Striped Marvels) report

Mr Wrap dissects his Tigers travails in Season 2016. Who else is joining Choco on the Punt Road chopping block? The Wrap is not sparing the big names.

The Wrap Report – August Edition

The Wrap with some predictions for the rest of the season … and next.

The Wrap Report – June Edition

Mr Wrap has given up his search for Murray Cod and headed across Bass Strait in search of trout. His decades (eons? – Ed) of experience give him unique understanding of how the 2016 season will unfold.

The Wrap Report – May Edition

Doesn’t a win bring out TLSPRF? Our Milparinka stringer has found the latest edition of the Wrap Report left under a rock out along Yandama Creek. He sounds febrile but lucid (and persuasive – Ed.) He says he’s not coming back until the Tigers have won 9 in a row.

The Wrap Report – April Edition

The Wrap is back. And he’s predicting the Fourthorn may yet turn out to be a suburb of Auckland.

The Wrap: Where Will They Be in 5 Months Time?

The drought has broken. The cod are biting. The Knackery Nostradamus, Mr Wrap, has sent us his Season 2016 predictions from a campsite on the Darling River.

2015 AFL Grand Final – The Final (Ever?) Wrap.

The Wrap draws the curtain on both 2015 and 13 illustrious seasons of output from The Wrapcave. The Wrap looks back on the 2015 Grand Final and, like just about all of us, looks on in awe at the Hawthorn machine. [A lap of the G in the back of a sponsor’s ute on Grand Final day? Say it ‘aint so Wrap!?!? – Ed]