Local Footy and Mighty Wallpaper

Matt Zurbo is the subject of Martin Flanagan’s column in The Age today. Here is a piece he wrote in July 2012.

Gold Coast footy alive and well

      By Cheryl Critchley “Gee-long, Gee-long, Gee-long!” Some things never change, even 1800km from Sleepy Hollow. We’re at Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast and the Cats’ Cheer Squad sounds as hick as ever. “Gee-long, Gee-long!” The small but dedicated band of “Southerners” is surrounded by Suns supporters decked out in their still [Read more]

Standin’ on the outside lookin’ in

The Belconnen U16s mid-year season has been another terrific success with the touring party of Steve, Bernie and I returning safely to Canberra after what had been a weekend full of revelations and surprises. The trip provided insight into the machinations of Melbourne sport unimaginable only 5 days ago. And no bigger surprise came than [Read more]

The enthusiastic assistant coach

It is 7.45am on Saturday and as a new father with a three month old son I have clocked on for duty, Sophie is off to the Gym and her weekly hour of parental free R and R so I am solely responsible for the safety and well being of one Jack William Dodson. I [Read more]

Four points in the bag…next

There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said about the abysmal game of Australian football between the Melbourne and Richmond clubs, but I’ll add a thought or two. Firstly, two acts stood out in the third quarter against a tide of turnovers, poor choices and first class comedy. One was from a predictable source, [Read more]

Letter to Manila

I thought that this week I would share an edited version of a letter which I sent to a long standing friend who lives in Manila.   Last evening a marquee sports event in the Australian calendar took place, that is the third and deciding “State of Origin” Rugby League clash between Queensland and NSW.

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Fifteen

Greetings Tipsters When is a team truly down and out for the season? Sure, the bottom six definitely are and the next five are really only battling for the honour of being the first team to get kicked out of the finals. But above that, where do you draw the line? Folks, you don’t have [Read more]

The Wrap – Round XV

THE WRAP – ROUND XV WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On Friday night it was a famous Victory for truth & justice as Captain Carlton drove the Carringbush Interlopers from the field.  By Saturday night The Ladder had undergone a major reshuffle as The Gliders crash landed [Read more]

Floreat Pica – Collingwood v Carlton

I have waited until the weekend has nearly passed before writing this report. A number of factors have contributed; primary is that Collingwood lost to Carlton. The motivation to actively review the game and then write about it is significantly reduced by the disappointment with the result. I am pretty sure I am not the [Read more]

Worrying signs at Collingwood.

Friday afternoon. I don’t think there was a tip of which I was more certain in the history football, as I caught the tram down to the North Fitzroy Arms, than Collingwood to win Friday night’s game. They would win by a stack, and the doof-doof boys of Lygon Street would be calling for Ratten’s [Read more]

Rd15 2012 FEARLESS: The goal review system reduces human error or does it?

Interesting as we head towards finals action that the media seems well entrenched in their outlets and getting ready for a thrilling end to an interesting, tight and unpredictable season. The media firestorm associated with footy I think is actually too hot now…coverage is far too intense and results in players having to live in almost [Read more]

Giant lurve never dies

This is a statement of intent. I jumped off a very good club – Geelong – in order to do whatever I can to promote the game in Sydney through GWS. The Giants are the perfect vehicle in which to take the pioneering work of the Swans to the next level, and to make our [Read more]

A family day out

North Melbourne versus West Coast Eagles My sister, Anne, has taken the family down to Hobart for the weekend. It’s the Cadbury Factory in the morning and footy at Bellerive in the arvo. Brother-in-law, Dean, has pulled a few strings and they’ll be in the rooms after the game. Lukey’s been practising the theme song [Read more]

A grey strip? Fair dinkum unbelievable

Fair dinkum, this alternative strip nonsense is just a bloody truckload of frog testicles as far as I’m concerned. All this rabbiting on about making it distinctive  for the players just makes me laugh. I can remember back to the VFL days when we had twelve teams and twelve local grounds.  Many of these  ovals [Read more]


After the Saints lost to North Melbourne, Rina had a momentary lapse in Saints madness and suggested we watch this game in the comfort of  home, and not have to witness what we and most of the footy world, believed would be a total drubbing of the Saints by the Bombers.  My response was, and [Read more]

The Wrap – Round XV

THE PRE WRAP – ROUND XV FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN And what week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Around at Punt Road The Tiges did what had to be done.  Sadly they parted company with Daniel Connors.  SOTG and TLSPRF will agree, a promising career at the crossroads, in tatters possibly.  However, as any [Read more]