AFL Grand Final: Hot tickets for the Hot Pies

Side by side with family throughout generations, Anna Sublet got to watch a famous Pies victory with her daughter and the spirit of her dad by her side in the MCC. But not without a few speedbumps along the journey.

Almanac Preliminary Final – Sydney v Collingwood: Magpies and blood

A magpie drew Cobba’s blood last Sunday afternoon but his Bloods turned the tables at the SCG last night.

Almanac Life: ‘Maggie’ Season (the feathered variety)

Spring means magpie swooping season. Ian Wilson still gets the shakes when he remembers childhood experiences with those pesky birds!

Almanac Life: Friday Night Rivers

The gathering storm, the carpark, a mystery man, and squawking magpies are all part of Kate Birrell’s day before she sets off on her jog.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 12 Review, Round 13 Preview

Cam Hooke casts his elated eye over Collingwood’s heart-stopping win over Adelaide before turning optimistically towards a crunch Queens’ Birthday clash with the Dees.

Almanac Footy: An open letter to the Collingwood Football Club

Danni Hakim thanks Nathan Buckley and the Pies for all they’ve done for their fans in this COVID year. She will always love the Collingwood Football Club. [Well said Danni – JTH]

Round 3 – Collingwood v West Coast: Too close to home

The night of April 6th was full of trepidation for Collingwood supporters as they entered the MCG, took their seats at the local pub or parked themselves on the couch at home, waiting for the match to begin against the West Coast Eagles. This was their chance for redemption.

The 2018 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai: The Far End of the Stadium

Haiku Bob convened the seventh annual Grand Final Kukai – this time from the MCG! With the Pies in it! He was one of numerous contributors.

Round 9 – St Kilda v Collingwood: Almost mid-year report

Yvette Wroby remembers when report cards at school were simpler. She regresses to rating the last St Kilda game. There’s lots of A’s and E’s. And not much in between.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Can the AFLW and AFLX bring the Pies some success?

In the second instalment of Canberra-based Collingwood fan(atic) Cam Hooke’s email chain for 2018, he ponders the Pies chances in the upcoming AFLW Season, what impact AFLX will have and a few other Collingwood queries.

Round 3 – Hits and Misses

After a chaotic weekend of football and weather, Tom Riordan reflects on how quickly fortunes can change in a week.

Round 20 – Richmond v Collingwood: Richmond upset Collingwood as Pendlebury goes down

The Tigers put a torrid week behind them with a stirring win over the Pies. Young Ollie Grindlay tells the story.

Round 19 – Collingwood v West Coast: Forty Glorious Minutes

Dave Nadel admits that before this season he overestimated both his beloved Magpies and their opponents last Saturday, West Coast. He does like the look of several young players on the Collingwood list, however, and thinks that both sides can look forward to improvement in 2017.

Collingwood: A sensational history

Almanacker and Collingwood diehard Jeff Dowsing invites you to take a look at his new website.

Remembering Hafey’s Heroes

Collingwood under Tom Hafey produced some of the most memorable footy – and players – in the club’s illustrious history. While the ultimate prize eluded Hafey’s Heroes, Jeff Dowsing revisits his childhood and recalls some fond memories of the late 70s when’T-shirt Tommy’ was at the helm of his beloved Woodsmen.

Round 9 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Pies redesign their brain to avert pain in the rain

As Pies supporter Jeff Dowsing watches his Pies pull of a remarkable comeback against the Roos he draws comparison with the TV show ‘Redesign my Brain.’

Remembering Talent Lost

Wesley Hull ponders the intersection of talent and fate.

A Floreat Pica Society mid-season Pies review

Steve Fahey casts a critical eye over Collingwood’s season so far before answering the big questions – where will the Pies finish and what is their best 22?

AFL Round 9 – Collingwood v Sydney: Madam, I’m Adam

Adam Goodes rose above this one-sided romp like a colossus not once, but twice, on a night in which he unintentionally wrested the AFL reconciliation baton from another great indigenous player, Nicky Winmar, 20 years after he lifted his jumper to the Collingwood Social Club.

AFL Round 9 – Collingwood v Sydney: The Egyptian Curse

Lou Richards may have buried the Colliwobbles at Victoria Park in 1990, but a new curse has been placed at the ground and, on Friday night’s performance, it looks like it has worked.