Colossus: A story for our times

Jenny’s life force is resilient. She has a strength not seen. She is indefatiguable. Unbowed. Colossal. Andrew Starkie relates the story of Jenny and her son Craig, who suffers from mental illness.

Beginnings and Endings

Some recent sad news from a family friend has given Andrew Starkie a chance to reflect on the relationships he has to people he loves and the beginnings and endings we all face in life.

Billy’s Reality

Andrew Starkie details the long road shared by friends, one navigating the rollercoaster of addiction and meetings along the way between them in the experiences of life.

First Day of School

Andrew Starkie shares a poignant tale of the disarming, charming and at times, alarming nature of parenthood

Tamworth: the ritual

Andrew Starkie writes on Tamworth, on old mates and on ritual.

We are Green and Gold (2014)

Andrew Starkie lost a dear footy friend, Matt McNeil, at the age of 43. He reflects on their time together in the Old Collegians team in the WDFL and their adventures in Warrnambool. [Superb tribute – JTH]

Round 23 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: Love and integrity

Starkie reflects on what makes footy so special to him after being asked one simple question by his daughter.

Almanac Music: The River

Andrew Starkie has a look back to his childhood spent with his best mate, Patrick McGinness. The connection has stayed strong with the help of a mutual love for Bruce Springsteen.

Almanac Music: Tamworth – Light on the Hill

Andrew Starkie realises the Tamworth Music Festival is one of the beautiful things in this world that gets him excited to write.

Billy: the addiction’s doing push-ups

Andrew Starkie has been keeping us up to date with the struggle of Billy*. Here’s the next instalment.

Almanac People: Billy’s Life Journey

Andrew Starkie writes of Billy and his journey through life, the choices made, and confronting challenges one day at a time.


Evocative, moving writing from Andrew Starkie on memory, on place and on gratitude.

Round 22 – North Melbourne v Sydney: Clean Up Your Act, ‘Roos

Andrew Starkie avoided watching North Melbourne play Sydney by resorting to thoroughly cleaning his house. (More productive than the ‘Roos forwards – Ed.)

Round 19 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: We Love Ya, Boomer!

Andrew Starkie lauds the incredible career of Brent Harvey, which was celebrated by he and fellow ‘Roos supporters with a comfortable win over St Kilda on Saturday night.

Round 17 – North Melbourne v Port Adelaide: the good and bad about North Melbourne

According to Andrew Starkie, North needed to make a statement against Port Adelaide, unfortunately not the one he wanted.

Almanac Travel: A Warrnambool Winter

Andrew Starkie travels back to Warrnambool to share old and new memories with his daughter.

Round 12 – Geelong v North Melbourne: Kick Up The Pants

Andrew Starkie likens the Kangas’ loss to a foot in the posterior.

Round 11 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Opposite Directions

Preston market is not only a good spot for fruit but for reassuring Andrew Starkie’s North Melbourne pre-game anxieties.

Round 6 – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: that was then, this is now

While Dogs won around the clearances, Andrew Starkie writes that Wells and Waite were the difference in North’s top of the table clash.

North Can Make the GF This Year*

North Man Andrew Starkie has high hopes for the Kangaroos in 2016. Can they make the big dance? Do Brad Scott’s boys have the killer instinct required? All these questions, and more, answered by Starkie the Shinboner.