AFL Round 18 – GWS v Geelong: Don’t Mention the Game

Richard Naco’s first AFL game for this year will also be his last. “Never again,” he said at the end.

AFL Round 20 – Geelong v Port Adelaide: The meanderings of an accidental cat

The apex ambush predator of Australian football is very much poised to pounce, again.

Giant lurve never dies

This is a statement of intent. I jumped off a very good club – Geelong – in order to do whatever I can to promote the game in Sydney through GWS. The Giants are the perfect vehicle in which to take the pioneering work of the Swans to the next level, and to make our [Read more]

I think we’ve got a live one!

Where: the small community hall at Breakfast Point (which looks remarkably like a church, but isn’t). When: Thursday, 17/5/12, sometime between 6pm 10:15pm (most likely around 9ish) Why: making the GWS banner for the game in Brisbane, featuring a tribute to Luke Power on the occasion of his return to his original club, where he [Read more]

Richard Naco, The Chad! and Pamela Sherpa after the win over the Suns.

My Life as a Crepe Artist

Caption: Richard Naco, The Chad!, and Pamela Sherpa. Caption: The GWS banner.   It all started last Thursday night, when … No.  Actually, that’s wrong.  It really began last year.  I was busy being a long distance lover of another club when the much-anticipated second Sydney club started playing.  OK, so they played NEAFL instead [Read more]

A Seductive Afternoon With Sherrin

I’m getting jealous. While increasing numbers of our community here are enjoying closer and closer shared family experiences at the footy, my own experiences are going in the opposite direction. My wife’s previous apathy to attending any sort of sport is slowly reasserting itself, while my son said goodbye to me from the couch at [Read more]

“From Little Things, Big Things Grow”

For the second straight season, the AFL welcomed in a new club built in the heart of the traditionally non – Aussie Rules wilderness. In 2011, it was the Gold Coast. Spared public scrutiny by being granted a bye in Round 1, they were blooded on a balmy Saturday evening in Round 2, smashed to [Read more]

On the road for the Footy Almanac

  by Richard Naco Cometh the September school holidays, cometh the family holiday in September.  Always the wrong time of the year, always taking me away at Grand Final time.  (Last year it was as far away as New Zealand, which is a lovely bit of countryside but hardly AFL heartland.)   Except this year. [Read more]

A pilgrimmage

Richard Naco has visited Geelong and Kardinia Park for the first time, and this is what he observed…   It was a sensational day, although my wife told me that I looked like death warmed up when she collected me from Sydney airport at 10:15pm (I’d been up since 2:15 am, and had been away [Read more]


I have a confession to make. I’ve never actually been to Geelong.  I live in the far southern Sydney suburbs, and the closest I have been to the Holy Town is Avalon, en route to games at the G or Etihad. That is about to change.

NAB Cup, Round 1: Saints somehow win a corker. Good night!

It’s all about presentation, isn’t it? Ignoring the deplorable state of the actual turf at Etihard Stadium, Channel 7 (Sydney) tonight gave a very good argument for their not being awarded the broadcasting rights for the AFL at the next round of bidding.  Their commentary team is great: Bruce McAvaney, the fantastic Dennis Cometti, Leigh [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: Hawks to aim high, Tigers to finish low

By Richard Naco I approached this game with some trepidation.  Channel 10 in Sydney stayed with their traditional AFL format & started the replay of this game well after 11pm, so as to not flood the Emerald City with too much AFL goodness too soon (the ‘play it mean/ keep ‘em keen’ approach, I guess).  [Read more]

Footy: How I seduced my wife (with a little help from Max Rooke)

By Richard Naco It was Saturday 11 June 1995 when sheer dumb luck introduced me to the most amazing woman in the world.  It was the Matisse exhibition at the National Gallery (in Canberra), and although this was beyond the normal scope of my activities, I took the advice of friends who had ventured forth, [Read more]