Rd15 2012 FEARLESS: The goal review system reduces human error or does it?

Interesting as we head towards finals action that the media seems well entrenched in their outlets and getting ready for a thrilling end to an interesting, tight and unpredictable season. The media firestorm associated with footy I think is actually too hot now…coverage is far too intense and results in players having to live in almost seclusion to keep away from potential trouble. More importantly I had cause to feel sorry for Brett Ratten during the week. The coach of Carlton was under the pump and yet it has almost reached Pakistani cricket proportions where effigies of Ratts were being burnt in Lygon St. Can’t a guy maintain some dignity in trying times? It has just become a little bit too ridiculous for words. Yes there are 18 coaches at AFL clubs and all of them under the pump when things don’t go so well but to hear that coaches won’t last out the week through ignorant journalists is way too excessive. The moment that the journos have their own placards and billboards outside grounds is just getting way too extreme. The game is about the players and the coaches…the journalists should know their place and that is well down the pecking order. It’s great that the game gets so much good coverage and that the number of journalists reporting AFL is now larger than politics but never lose sight of where you are in the game’s overall sphere. The moment journos start having agendas of their own in relation to the game…well…it’d be fair to say that they themselves are living on media street…a great Denis Paganism for those he thought were getting carried away by their own importance.

Report the game and love the game but leave the agendas at home cos who really cares? Most footy fans don’t. The game will take care of itself and is as well-administered now as it ever has been.

The weekly media x-ray on Brett Ratten saw his charges respond in the best manner. Ending Collingwood’s run of 10 wins was no mean feat. Led ironically by the psychologist Duigan, Betts, McLean and Judd, the Blues looked “on” from the start, winning by 23 pointss. Sharrod W might get to Arizona for 4 weeks c/- the tribunal.

North got a sellout at Blundstone Arena in Hobart for their big game against West Coast. What the public got in return was a quality game of two halves, where the “home” side dominated the first half, leading by 27pts. Not to be outdone, the Eagles booted 8.8 to 3.3 in the second half to grab a 2pt win, led by Cox, Kerr & Priddis.

Richmond risked losing 4pts in a winnable game against Melbourne albeit thru a depleted senior team. The Tigers kicked 13.23 to win by 23pts. Inaccuracy might have made the game closer, but the Tigers’ club culture wins. Two goal video reviews were total stinkers – both goals to the naked eye and the umpires managed to cock both up!

An in-form Brisbane Lions travelled an hour south along the eastern seaboard to take on the Swans at the SCG. After keeping pace with the Swans for a half, the Lions fell off the pace, kicking 2.5 to 6.7 in the 2nd half. Swan Sam Reid finally kicked a bag of 6, after promising for a while, ably supported by Goodes with 3. Swans by 47pts.

The gunmetal grey away strip worn by the Bombers against the Saints resembled a grey fishnet singlet with a red sash. If away/clash jumpers are to persist, could someone pay attention to the sox; both hooped, just about identical and contrary to the “clash” rationale…Saints shot down the Bombers by 71pts in Stevie Milne’s 250th.

Adelaide and Port squared off in Showdown no. %$#& at AAMI and the game may be remembered for some individual feats. Sam Jacobs dominated the rucks for the Crows with 61 hitouts, mostly effective, while Crow Ricky Henderson announced himself with 6.2. The mullet-less Crows unplugged an injury-hit Power by 58pts.

Prior to the Hawks game against GWS at the G on Sunday, the Hawks % was 138.7 and after it was 152.65, the AFL’s best. The Hawks did themselves a massive favour by putting the Fi-Fy-Fo-Fums to the sword by 162pts. It’s tight this year at the top and in the fight for spots in the finals. Percentage will hold the key as to who plays finals.

The Cats travelled to Club Metricon a few days earlier than normal to get some r & r. As star Jimmy Bartel pointed out, training at Corio in winter can get very cold! It’d help if the Cats stuck to footy or swimming in theme parks, after two players got rescued by surf lifesavers. The Cats got it back on the red & golds, a win by 14pts.

After much soul searching on the shores of Geelong Grammar’s beaches, Bulldogs coach Brendan McCartney flew his troops far west to take on Freo. An even contest in the 1st half on a sunny Perth winter’s day, the game morphed into a Freo goalfest when Pav (6goals) and Mayne (4) kicked the Dockers up a cog to win by 38pts.


  1. Andrew Starkie says

    ‘The moment that the journos have their own placards and billboards outside grounds is just getting way too extreme. The game is about the players and the coaches…the journalists should know their place and that is well down the pecking order.’

    Fearless, SPOT ON!

    That’s part of what makes M Flanagan the best of the lot. He knows his place, keeps his distance, and and doesn’t let his ego runaway from him. He reports the story and doesn’t try to be the story.

    I recall a HS headline years ago that ran something like this: ‘Sheehan goes head to head with Frawley’. Not sure Danny saw it like that.

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