Local Footy and Mighty Wallpaper

Matt Zurbo is the subject of Martin Flanagan’s column in The Age today. Here is a piece he wrote in July 2012.

A grey strip? Fair dinkum unbelievable

Fair dinkum, this alternative strip nonsense is just a bloody truckload of frog testicles as far as I’m concerned. All this rabbiting on about making it distinctive  for the players just makes me laugh. I can remember back to the VFL days when we had twelve teams and twelve local grounds.  Many of these  ovals [Read more]


After the Saints lost to North Melbourne, Rina had a momentary lapse in Saints madness and suggested we watch this game in the comfort of  home, and not have to witness what we and most of the footy world, believed would be a total drubbing of the Saints by the Bombers.  My response was, and [Read more]