A Father’s Love and Football

A beautiful story of father and kindergarten-age son, footy and togetherness. [Wonderful – Ed].

First Day of School

Andrew Starkie shares a poignant tale of the disarming, charming and at times, alarming nature of parenthood

Almanac Music: Fathers’ Day at Stereo Stories

Fathers and fatherhood are universal themes.

Here at Stereo Stories we celebrate Father’s Day 2015 not with gifts of angle grinders and barbecues and golf balls but with stories, ten in all.

Depths of Winter

Mark Tresize ponders the consequences of his friend’s son deciding to swap allegiances from his father’s team.

The enthusiastic assistant coach

It is 7.45am on Saturday and as a new father with a three month old son I have clocked on for duty, Sophie is off to the Gym and her weekly hour of parental free R and R so I am solely responsible for the safety and well being of one Jack William Dodson. I [Read more]

Footy through the eyes of a father

Football as I know it changed during round 2 on April 7th as Jack William Dodson came into the world. As fish and chip shop owners were playing their grand final on Good Friday and I was pondering if Ross Lyon instilled structure and process into doing the dishes and lovemaking or if he was [Read more]