Almanac Footy: The Unconformity Cup – Nowhere Footy

Old Dog goes to Queenstown where he plays a fun (but proper) footy match on the famous gravel oval during the Unconformity Festival. [This is an Old Dog special which was first published in 2016 – JTH]

Almanac Music: Sunnyboys

Matt Zurbo shares more music experiences from his younger days; this time, a performance by the Sunnyboys, and a girlfriend named Sonja. [Warning: Adult themes mentioned. -Ed]

Almanac Music: Angel

Matt Zurbo begins a regular series of stories about his extensive experiences related to music and its impact on his life and relationships.

Grand Final – Move over Knight, here’s the Zalac poster

Old Dog shares the work of his artist mate Zelko Zalac, a Dees premiership poster designed in a style reminiscent of the late, great WEG.

Grand Final – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: A ripper!

It’s been a long day and a longer night for Old Dog who presents his traditional wrap up of what was a ripper Grand FInal. [Thanks for seeing in the dawn to get this done Old Dog. Always a highlight of the coverage. – JTH]

Grand Final Warm-Up

It’s Christmas Eve for footy lovers writes Old Dog as he recalls the attitude of Gabriela Andersen.

Almanac Footy: Screw the Brownlow

Old Dog just cannot abide the Brownlow as it is these days. And, while he has the floor, he has a crack at a few other contemporary elements of AFL footy on the way.

Almanac Footy: Grand Finals

Old Dog is absolutely rapt for one of his old clubs Lilydale FC in Tasmania with their Grand Final victory as he celebrates in spirit with them. He also reflects on another former club defeated in their finals bid and feels their gut wrenching experience of loss.

Finals Week 1 – Melbourne v Brisbane: Mythology

Old Dog makes an incredible quarter of footy last forever as the Dees demolish the Lions in their Qualifying Finals match.

Almanac Music: When Mick Jagger Met Fidel

Mick Jagger performed a supposedly ‘secret’ promotional concert at The Corner Hotel in 1988 for his solo album. Matt Zurbo was lucky enough to be there.


Old Dog on his footy club and football people. [A simple observation – which says it all. JTH]

Round 19 – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Aaron Naughton terrifies me

During a cracking match between two contenders, quite a few footballers caught Old Dog’s eye. Some of them scare him. He explains why.

Round 17 – Essendon v Adelaide: Random Thoughts on Football

Old Dog is watching Essendon play the Crows and it gets him thinking about footy. He considers many things including a way of describing the ages of football.

Round 12 – Melbourne v Brisbane: Set up running

Old Dog thaws some bourbons and watches the footy. [More vintage Old Dog – with insight after insight. Ed]

Round 9 – St Kilda v Geelong: Old Dog observes

Old Dog’s eye is as sharp as ever as he looks over the two teams and their players from Friday night’s game.

Round 8 – Melbourne v Sydney (and lots of other observations): Barry Gibb plays for Sydney

Pure genius from Old Dog. Who players look like. [So glad you stayed up through the night to write this Old Dog – JTH]

Almanac Footy: Season 39

It all started Round 4, 1983! Old Dog takes a funny look at the start to his 39th season of adult footy. As well as a love of family and football.

Who’s the Furphy?

Old Dog looks at how stats are often a furphy, and don’t tell the real story, and takes up Brodie Grundy’s 64-4 win in the ruck on Thursday night to illustrate his point. [Fine analysis – Ed]

Heroes of Footy

Old Dog has a New Year’s hope: that the Otway Districts Footy and Netball Club will have an Under 18s again and that the young people of the area will have a chance to feel what it is to be part of this club and community and to get to really know the people at the heart and soul of it all and fully understand what it all means.

Almanac Footy: The Best Fullback of All Time

Matt Zurbo presents his thoughts on the best fullbacks of all time; those he has seen, and those from a historical perspective.