AFL Round 6 – Carlton v Melbourne: Remembering the Kreuzer Cup

I am joined by The Paradox and his son. The Paradox makes his living as a fitness guru but he needs a hip replacement, a lifelong friend and lifelong suffering Demon supporter who follows the game more passionately than he follows the club.

Standin’ on the outside lookin’ in

The Belconnen U16s mid-year season has been another terrific success with the touring party of Steve, Bernie and I returning safely to Canberra after what had been a weekend full of revelations and surprises. The trip provided insight into the machinations of Melbourne sport unimaginable only 5 days ago. And no bigger surprise came than [Read more]

Brock McLame

There’s no doubt that Jesse Stringer’s recent effort has rocked us off our moral high horse down at KP, but surely Carlton’s Brock McLean takes the AFL knob-jockey award for his social media antics this week. For the uninformed, McLean tweeted “Today can f*ck right off”, to which one of his followers responded (with great humour) [Read more]