The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Nineteen

Greetings Tipsters If ever you wondered if it really could be lonely at the top, look no further than the vision of Matthew Primus standing alone in the rooms while the Blackouts were playing their most useless day of football in 143 years. Maybe if you’re feeling schadenfreuidan, you might gorge yourself on the shots [Read more]

A Different Tone of Blue

By Emily Leydin   My two favourite teams were going up against each other, the Kangas and the Cats. In the days leading up to the big game, I had been trying to work out which jumper I would wear. My Geelong jumper, with the navy blue horizontal stripes with number 35 amidst the players’ [Read more]

The View From GWS

So according to the pundits, purists and punters, the GWS Giants are little hope of making an impression this year. They won’t win and they won’t conquer the League-loving locals. It all sounds a bit bleak for the fledgling team in Sydney’s deepest, darkest west. I live in Sydney’s west and it all looks a bit [Read more]

Tigers Before Homework

Holiday homework. To almost everyone in high school, it’s not the amount of work that trips them up: it’s the general belief that you’re going to get around to it. But you don’t until the final weekend of the holidays. So, need to summarise my VCE French Revolution notes….not too bad, a couple of pages….you [Read more]

I know the feeling, the Blues have arrived

It is a beautiful feeling. A feeling that we believe will never arrive. Many fans have yet to feel it. But whilst it is such a rare personal occurrence, it happens to at least one group of supporters most seasons. It’s that rush of the heart, a sudden realisation, such a fast realisation that it [Read more]


I really enjoyed my footy last weekend! It started with great anticipation leading into Friday night footy at the MCG where the Blues took on the Pies. Then my daughter and I watched an unexpectedly absorbing contest between the Gold Coast Suns and the Bombers on Saturday night. Come Sunday afternoon, as I thought the weekend was winding [Read more]

Standin’ on the Outside Lookin’ in – Post Round 3

  Round 3 of the footy is over and things have never been more clearer in terms of where the year is heading. The gurus at HQ must have a team of speech writers working around the clock producing press releases that do not contain the terms “equalisation” and “compromised” as the competition has not [Read more]

Round 3, 2012. Richmond v Melbourne

Logging onto the official AFL tipping website with just minutes to register my tips before the round 3 deadline, I came to game 2 and had to do a double take… Richmond was considered a 94% chance of winning! Ninety-four per cent! Now I understand that Melbourne is a ‘club in crisis’ and other such [Read more]

Round 3 – Western Bulldogs v. St. Kilda

  by Kelsey Smith For two years now I have been trying to explain to my boyfriend (who is from NSW) just how good a player Nick Riewoldt is. And FINALLY on the weekend against the Doggies, Rooey backed up my kind words with action of his own and proved what a great player he really [Read more]

almost not there

autumn night the missing parts of our game watching the footy in a different time-zone I whisper an expletive turning leaves Swan fast becoming slow wisps of cloud Collingwood almost not there lingering snow the team’s lifeblood lies motionless flaming red the young maple – new coach feels the heat autumn haze I vaguely remember [Read more]

The Blues might be the real deal

  Rd 3 2012 FEARLESS – The Blues might be the real deal..February woes -what?  by Paul Thomson Carlton inflicted Friday 13th woes on Collingwood from the start until the end, in a game that was supposed to confirm whether the Blues were the real deal. A 1o goal win saw Eddie Betts led the [Read more]

Hold that bus!

Staring into the depth of my blue and white stripes of my new North Melbourne jumper, I wondered. Is it really worth it to travel three hours, tagging along with my girlfriend Liz and her little brother Sam, to the one-sided clash between my Kangas and Sam’s Cats. Being a good sport, I decided to [Read more]

Another game another lesson

Beautiful weather to mark the first (and probably only ever) home game for the Giants at Blacktown. It’s not the easiest venue to get to and the roadworks around the place didn’t help so we caught the train to Doonside and the shuttle bus from there. Our train carriage was a mini demonstration as why [Read more]

Winners and Losers: Round 3

Round three had its fair share of milestones and statement games. As always, there are winners and there are losers. Here is everything you need to know about the third round of the 2012 AFL season.   Winners   Carlton The Blues went into their Friday night clash with the Magpies with quite a bit [Read more]

The View from Shepparton

  by Peter Schumacher   The round started well with the demise of Collingwood, and now with the injury to Luke Ball I reckon that it could be terminal for them this year at least. Like every one else I wonder why he was allowed to return to the field after he had first twisted [Read more]

I Was There

In the finest Almanac tradition, I can say- “I WAS THERE.” Matt has chatted with Malcolm in the far north, Flynny’s been bedazzled by Bubba at Augusta, Dips has saluted the winner at Stawell, and now I can declare that ‘I’ve been to Blacktown.’   I knew Blacktown was somewhere between Sydney and the Blue [Read more]

Divided Attention Ends Well

North Melbourne versus Geelong   The baby’s due today and I’m at the footy.  Now, that’s a sentence I never expected to write!   Males readers are thinking: gutsy effort mate, but you might pay for it down the track. Female readers: selfish so-and-so, hope you pay for it down the track.   The baby [Read more]

Starting to believe

  It was instructive that, of all The Age’s expert tipsters, the “Village Idiot” was the only one brave enough to plump for the Kangaroos. This telling lack of confidence came on top of the SEN overnight boys who, in the early hours of Friday morning, predicted that North would be humbled. They generally know [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On the Friday night The Rattzbaggers did to Collingwood what the butcher did to the lamb: carved it up.  On Saturday it was The Tigers of Old who did the carving, this time of the moribund Redlegs.  The Bloods withstood The Power challenge [Read more]

Sea Change

There is a sports (of sorts) ground at Weymouth, One of those village green type set ups on a hill over the back with cow crap patches waiting for the next incoming flight of dung beetles to clear the deck for an occasional holiday cricket match.   But sport was off the agenda this weekend. [Read more]