The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Nineteen

Greetings Tipsters If ever you wondered if it really could be lonely at the top, look no further than the vision of Matthew Primus standing alone in the rooms while the Blackouts were playing their most useless day of football in 143 years. Maybe if you’re feeling schadenfreuidan, you might gorge yourself on the shots [Read more]

I know the feeling, the Blues have arrived

It is a beautiful feeling. A feeling that we believe will never arrive. Many fans have yet to feel it. But whilst it is such a rare personal occurrence, it happens to at least one group of supporters most seasons. It’s that rush of the heart, a sudden realisation, such a fast realisation that it [Read more]


I really enjoyed my footy last weekend! It started with great anticipation leading into Friday night footy at the MCG where the Blues took on the Pies. Then my daughter and I watched an unexpectedly absorbing contest between the Gold Coast Suns and the Bombers on Saturday night. Come Sunday afternoon, as I thought the weekend was winding [Read more]

almost not there

autumn night the missing parts of our game watching the footy in a different time-zone I whisper an expletive turning leaves Swan fast becoming slow wisps of cloud Collingwood almost not there lingering snow the team’s lifeblood lies motionless flaming red the young maple – new coach feels the heat autumn haze I vaguely remember [Read more]

Sea Change

There is a sports (of sorts) ground at Weymouth, One of those village green type set ups on a hill over the back with cow crap patches waiting for the next incoming flight of dung beetles to clear the deck for an occasional holiday cricket match.   But sport was off the agenda this weekend. [Read more]

A Message to the Magpies

Tony Robb still seems quite buoyant.


TO THE KNOCKERS When your kid falls to the ground You don’t put him in the dock. You don’t walk away disgusted You don’t let his buddies mock. You pick him up and dust him off You whisper in his ear ‘Don’t listen to the blighters scoff Get up again and hear them cheer.’ That [Read more]

An Evening to Forget

Collingwood vs  Carlton. MCG 13: 4:2012 It started as an excellent evening.  I drove to Fitzroy and found a legal park close to Victoria St so I could walk through the Gardens to the “G.”  I had arranged to meet my daughter in Gertrude St for a meal before the Game and we found a [Read more]

Da da da da daaa, da da da da daaa

I don’t’ despise nor loathe the Magpies. I simply hate them. Hate is the singular emotion that sums up a person’s utter contempt for their enemy. Not a Fatwa type of hate but the type that leads you to never mention their name without it being prefaced with a profanity. So as I settle in [Read more]