Standin’ on the Outside Lookin’ in

Some have said I’ve recently gone missing and to be truthful, I have. It has been a week of reflection. A task that should not be undertake in the public gaze. I’ve spent many hours trying to make some sense of a loss, that only 7 days ago, seemed unimaginable. I sought refuge in the isolated hamlet [Read more]

Standin’ on the Outside Lookin’ in – Post Round 3

  Round 3 of the footy is over and things have never been more clearer in terms of where the year is heading. The gurus at HQ must have a team of speech writers working around the clock producing press releases that do not contain the terms “equalisation” and “compromised” as the competition has not [Read more]

Standin’ on the Outside Lookin’ in

Sorry for the lateness of my missive but a combo of bathroom demolition and junior golf pennants has taken much of the weekend and drained my spirit despite a gripping 3.5/2.5 victory by the Belco kids over the visitors from Goulburn. For the uninitiated junior pennants is a match play format like the President’s Cop.  [Read more]

Standing on the outside lookin’ in

January is an odd month for sport in Melbourne. Post Boxing Day test, there are a sprinkling of fillers leading up to the Australia Open but nothing to really get the pulse racing. The Big Bash has continued to provide some fun to those with short attention spans and there seems have been an increased [Read more]

Standing on the outside lookin’ in.

A return to the coal face has not been conducive to what has been a big week in sport. This has been more difficult as the main action has been in Sydney and I’m trying to write from a Melbourne point of view. Still in a week, where undertaking a first aid course has provided [Read more]

Standing on the outside lookin’ in.

At this time of year it seems unavoidable that every columnist in the world is offering their 2012 predictions. As this diary is based around the Melbourne experience from an outsider’s perspective it would be remiss of me not to look into the crystal ball for the SCOTW. There is one common denominator that threads [Read more]

The Wizard of Oz

While the focus of attention has rightfully been on the MCG for the past four days another no less enthralling contest has been unfolding in the Northern Hemisphere. The World Darts Championship is now approaching the pointy end of the competition and never has the event been more exciting or unpredictable. After seemingly months of [Read more]

Standing on the outside looking in

  by Tony Robb Greetings to all. The past 12 months have seen a change of career for your Canberra correspondent. It has resulted in an increase in writing output but sadly in the form of reports about injured workers and not about sport. There are only so many ways one can describe the ebbs [Read more]