The View From GWS

So according to the pundits, purists and punters, the GWS Giants are little hope of making an impression this year. They won’t win and they won’t conquer the League-loving locals. It all sounds a bit bleak for the fledgling team in Sydney’s deepest, darkest west. I live in Sydney’s west and it all looks a bit [Read more]

Another game another lesson

Beautiful weather to mark the first (and probably only ever) home game for the Giants at Blacktown. It’s not the easiest venue to get to and the roadworks around the place didn’t help so we caught the train to Doonside and the shuttle bus from there. Our train carriage was a mini demonstration as why [Read more]

I Was There

In the finest Almanac tradition, I can say- “I WAS THERE.” Matt has chatted with Malcolm in the far north, Flynny’s been bedazzled by Bubba at Augusta, Dips has saluted the winner at Stawell, and now I can declare that ‘I’ve been to Blacktown.’   I knew Blacktown was somewhere between Sydney and the Blue [Read more]