A Different Tone of Blue

By Emily Leydin   My two favourite teams were going up against each other, the Kangas and the Cats. In the days leading up to the big game, I had been trying to work out which jumper I would wear. My Geelong jumper, with the navy blue horizontal stripes with number 35 amidst the players’ [Read more]

Hold that bus!

Staring into the depth of my blue and white stripes of my new North Melbourne jumper, I wondered. Is it really worth it to travel three hours, tagging along with my girlfriend Liz and her little brother Sam, to the one-sided clash between my Kangas and Sam’s Cats. Being a good sport, I decided to [Read more]

Divided Attention Ends Well

North Melbourne versus Geelong   The baby’s due today and I’m at the footy.  Now, that’s a sentence I never expected to write!   Males readers are thinking: gutsy effort mate, but you might pay for it down the track. Female readers: selfish so-and-so, hope you pay for it down the track.   The baby [Read more]

Starting to believe

  It was instructive that, of all The Age’s expert tipsters, the “Village Idiot” was the only one brave enough to plump for the Kangaroos. This telling lack of confidence came on top of the SEN overnight boys who, in the early hours of Friday morning, predicted that North would be humbled. They generally know [Read more]