Tigers Before Homework

Holiday homework. To almost everyone in high school, it’s not the amount of work that trips them up: it’s the general belief that you’re going to get around to it. But you don’t until the final weekend of the holidays. So, need to summarise my VCE French Revolution notes….not too bad, a couple of pages….you [Read more]

Round 3, 2012. Richmond v Melbourne

Logging onto the official AFL tipping website with just minutes to register my tips before the round 3 deadline, I came to game 2 and had to do a double take… Richmond was considered a 94% chance of winning! Ninety-four per cent! Now I understand that Melbourne is a ‘club in crisis’ and other such [Read more]


By John Green We would all have to agree that the sport-as-war metaphor has been taken a little too far at times, especially by military history buffs like Mick Malthouse. But allow me to indulge myself for a moment. If I was comparing today’s Richmond-Melbourne clash to a famous battle, which conflict would I refer [Read more]