A Game of Life (Cont.)

It was a big game in the Tassie bush, not one the old bloke wanted to miss, but certain things in life will always take priority.

The Game of Life

The young bloke’s got more on his mind than the ‘survival of the fittest’ game of bush footy. And more than one team needs him.

A Big Day Out

Devils and Wallabies, live from the corporate box, Cats and Saints through scratchy reception from 774. It doesn’t get much better for Phantom from his remote Tassie outpost.

AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: Tassie turns on Hawks

The Phantom speaks: When Tassie football poo-bah attacks Hawthorn, he deserves all that comes his way.

The Phantom speaks

Fresh from a rare trip to the mainland and an even rarer trip to the G, the Phantom offers some homespun wisdom on Geelong’s impact on this year’s flag.

Third Test – Day 3: Tasmania is on fire

Tasmania is on fire: Australia is not is the message from ABC radio. We constantly cross between the WACA and Hobart for updates on each of the potentially catastrophic events at distant sides of the country.

First Test – Day 3: Campaign teeters on brink if Cowan and Clarke fail

As the series continues one can only hope that our current players, and those who stand in waiting, gain experience from the quality of competition they currently compete against, says Phantom.

Rules is rules – the lighter side

When Phantom hears of an appeal by the Ulverstone footy club against the result of the 1975 grand final result, he heads straight to the oracle of the Wynyard Footy Club to put his mind at ease.

A bus ride home

The boys have done the business. After 33 barren, and disappointing years, the Wynyard Cats have come from the wilderness and done the business, snaring this year’s Northern Tassie premiership, reports Bill Walker.

Would you prefer gold or a flag?

Now that we are in the hiatus between the London Olympics and the main sporting event, AFL finals, my mind has wandered. Julia met the medal winning troops as they exited the plane and then skipped off when the non medal winners appeared (some politicians would turn up to the opening of a letter to [Read more]

Who’s Lie’n

Many moons ago the Phantom cave was hidden away in a quiet little apple and rhododendron growing valley at Lalla – between Karoola and Lilydale (Turbo Zurbo country) in deep dark north eastern Tasmania.   All was well at this time of recent peace in the early nineteen fifties and The Phantom who had recently [Read more]

Just for kicks

The weekend before last, in Round 17 of the Northern Tasmanian Football League, a player was reported and red carded for kicking a player to the head while he was on the ground. The two umpires who separately reported the player informally described the incident as a ten out of ten for gravity – the [Read more]

Phantom is mad

Excuse me but I am mad; seething actually. And the symptoms are worrying. I am so mad that I look forward to noting the MRP’s ruling next time a player has his head split open, is concussed and misses a game or two. Not because I enjoy that sort of stuff in our “man’s game” [Read more]

Will this be Wynyard’s year?

Round 1 – Wynyard vs Smithton First game day is always exciting. There is a gnawing feeling inside and no matter what has happened in the past you believe that this could be your year. The only problem with that is that all the other club’s connections have the same feeling. I had changed my [Read more]

Twelve Months on a Pogo Stick – Part 4

Selection Sensitivity   As the first match gets closer nerves start to jingle; ever so slightly. You know who you have: well they haven’t all signed yet, but they will. There is an intermittent presence from key players but we can’t get a full group together for practice matches. Some one has a hammy, another, [Read more]

A Day Out

by Bill Walker Clinking of the medals crunching of the feet witnessed by the honor guard lining out the streets skirling of the bagpipes dull thud of the drum order of the service just a background hum flooding back the memories so strong it’s hard to cope did their bit for freedom democracy and hope [Read more]

Twelve Months on a Pogo Stick (Part 3)

  by Bill Walker Sword Sharpening   Christmas is coming, players all get fat; first run in the New Year they’re all well tanned, but flat.   No such problem this year at Wynyard. Shannon and his bench coach Dan Smith had got them onto the track in mid November. The young recruits were like [Read more]

Twelve Months on a Pogo Stick: Part 2

By Bill Walker Summer Sojourn   The summer break is always a challenging time for small footy clubs. The game day business is finished but book balancing is daunting, annual dinner and AGM loom and coaching review and recruitment are pivotal to player recruitment. Every aspect of our club’s administration is undertaken by volunteers. They [Read more]

Twelve Months on a Pogo Stick

  by Bill Walker Preamble Wynyard is a sleepy little seaside town on the North West Coast of Tasmania. It has three pubs, one set of traffic lights, an annual tulip festival, an airport, basketball, cricket and footy clubs, a writers group whose leader is aspiring to Colleen McCulloch dizzy heights, numerous stray cats and [Read more]

Sea Change

There is a sports (of sorts) ground at Weymouth, One of those village green type set ups on a hill over the back with cow crap patches waiting for the next incoming flight of dung beetles to clear the deck for an occasional holiday cricket match.   But sport was off the agenda this weekend. [Read more]