AFL Round 15 – The Wrap

Won’t someone think of Mr & Mrs Football and all the Little Footballs? And Chris Scott’s blood pressure? After round 15, The Wrap is on Maggot Watch.

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Nineteen

Greetings Tipsters If ever you wondered if it really could be lonely at the top, look no further than the vision of Matthew Primus standing alone in the rooms while the Blackouts were playing their most useless day of football in 143 years. Maybe if you’re feeling schadenfreuidan, you might gorge yourself on the shots [Read more]

Round 19 Winners and Losers

Round 19 gave us another Geelong v Hawthorn classic, some tremendous individual performances, and an unexpected but not unsurprising result at the Sydney Showgrounds. Winners Tom Hawkins What a man. It now seems eons ago when people were questioning if he had what it takes to fulfill his AFL potential. Hawkins delivered in spades once [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Olympics Special

Tried to find the source of the quote, “Getting old is not for the faint hearted” but apart from finding a qualification, “neither is the alternative” , the best that I could come up with is “as the old man said”. Not very satisfactory I must confess. And what is the link with sport?.I have [Read more]

The Wrap Round XIX – where life imitates football

And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On Friday night The Hawks & The Cats turned on yet another one for the ages.  In years to come, when space travellers from a Galaxy Far Far Away discover our burnt and smoldering Planet and sift through the time capsules we’ve left behind portraying the [Read more]

NOT another thumping – quite the opposite in fact

Where do I begin? What a day, what a game. We’ve been hammered in the last month by some of the best teams in the land, chasing not only the win but the percentage needed in one of the tightest seasons in memory. Our young kids have been valiant but have run out of legs, [Read more]

Are theTigers learning lessons from the past

Cast your minds back to round 10 of last year. Port Adelaide were a basket case while Richmond had just defeated the Bombers and were humming along nicely, having won four of their past five matches. The result of this Tiger v Power match was considered a ‘fait accompli’. Richmond had sold this home game [Read more]