Almanac Life: My wedding speech, to Claire

Mickey Randall married his beloved Claire last weekend. He shares his wedding speech with the Almanac readership. (A hearty congratulations to you both – from all at The Footy Almanac).

Almanac Music: a stormy wedding at the Prince Albert

Melbourne writer Paul Bateman makes his Stereo Stories debut with a charming story about his wedding day at the Prince Albert Hotel in Williamstown, and Re:Stacks by Bon Iver.

Sea Change

There is a sports (of sorts) ground at Weymouth, One of those village green type set ups on a hill over the back with cow crap patches waiting for the next incoming flight of dung beetles to clear the deck for an occasional holiday cricket match.   But sport was off the agenda this weekend. [Read more]

Anzac Day clash and a failed bouquet marking attempt

Where do I begin? Lebanese weddings, it’s fair to say, they go for a good two weeks. Two weeks of celebrating, food, drinking, dancing, dressing up, sleeping late, waking up early and ringing in your ears from the LOUD music and traditional Lebanese drummers. To say that it’s a crazy experience is an understatement and [Read more]