Missing the Ox’s Legends

Like many, Yoshi was angry with SEN’s decision to get ride of Ox and Marko. He lets loose here.

Almanac Soccer – The ABC debacle and a messy aftermath

Tom Riordan addresses the elephant in the room. Was the ABC2 coverage of LIverpool v Sydney really that bad? Yes. A serious bidder for the next A-League TV rights is the laughing stock of the country. Over to you, FFA.

What is wrong with Big Sports Media?

David Wilson hears the noise, sees the noise, and suggests we should all expect more from Big Sports Media.

My Options on Media

Yoshi pushes back off the sightscreen, charges in and unleashes a bumper at the media.

Lazy media days of Summer

Tony Robb reckons media coverage of summer sport is as predictable as “night follows day”. Let us know your favourite media beat-up staple: “best ever pre-season”??

Crio’s Question : The Grand Annual Purge?

Crio reckons its time for your annual purge of all the toxins, waste and blubber (should that be blabber?) in sport. Time to let it all out Knackers, so those wankers can be better people in 2014.

Crio’s Question: Emotive media

Media doesn’t bother to give you the story – it feeds you the emotional response. Is this a new phenomenon or just more apparent these days?

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Carlton (FPS report): Pies find a way to overcome Mick and his Blues

When you go to the footy to watch your team, it is not relaxing, it is not restful. It is stressful and it is draining. And when your team is Collingwood and you are playing Carlton, it will end in sweet victory or bitter defeat. There is no middle ground.

Meeting Maxy

Many AFL supporters that don’t support Collingwood are quick to degrade Premiership player and Collingwood Captain Nick Maxwell; a little too quick if you ask me.   I won’t shy to the fact that for the past two years I have jumped to Maxy’s defense when he’s bagged in an online or real life environment. [Read more]

crio’s Q?

A “good media performer”…that’s what you wanna be.
Pays heaps, carries cred – opens doors. Develops a “brand”.
Draftees get trained up very quickly.
Be slick or be a “character” – Ch9/MMM bank on a JB/Billy duet.

AFL Media; footy’s vanilla slice

I always looked forward to coming home from school on Tuesday afternoons. It was the day Mum’s best friend would visit and invariably she’d leave behind a scrumptious little selection of cakes, or parts thereof. Ah, the cream bun was my favourite.  The soft donut encasing cream and jam was the triple threat of bakery [Read more]

An imperfect symbiosis

  by Paul Daffey   Amid all the hoo-haa about the phone-hacking scandal and the attendant revelations about the media, politicians and power in England, I thought I’d lay bare the workings of newspapers and … yes, you asked for it … country footy clubs in Victoria.   The newspapers and the footy people need [Read more]

Should he stay or should he go?

A special investigative feature, looking at the truth behind the Malthouse Buckley rumours. By John Weldon Is it too early to begin speculation about the possibility of the Malthouse Buckley succession deal falling through at the end of this season, should Collingwood win (or not win) the2011 flag? No it’s not. Well not according to [Read more]


OVER a period of three decades I have worked with some interesting media people. All of the ones listed here have reported on, or broadcast, Bendigo and district footy fixtures. They have then gone on to to ply their craft in Melbourne at AFL level. In my early days at the Bendigo Advertiser it seemed [Read more]

Poetry: Oh Tim

I’d missed the news yet caught a rumour Barely through the summer slept. Now autumn blows a heavy humour Scandal has its promise kept.