Crio’s Question: Emotive media

Media doesn’t bother to give you the story – it feeds you the emotional response.
The communication revolution seems not to have led to an increase of diverse views or considered discussion. Somehow we seem to be exposed to a wave of truisms.
Look and listen to cricket “debate”…
BOO BROAD – horrible cheat (cast the first stone!)
FLOG WATTO – poison (but now a natural “3”!)
REBUKE WARNIE – traitorous to “bag” the cap (even when worn to Wimbledon!)
Is this a new phenomenon or just more apparent these days? Maybe I’m just oversensitive?


  1. In the good old days serious informative journalism like The Truth would never have used lust, greed and fear to get us hooked.
    Hartbalm and the page 3 girl got me sucked in. Only trouble was she had a parrot mouth and used to hang on corners. Fast type though.
    Sex, fear and anger – the cornerstones of selling for thousands of years. Try the Old Testament. Plenty of beaten favourites there.

  2. Just need to look at the election coverage to show how emotive the press are these days.

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