Almanac Archives: Raising Arizona

From the Footy Almanac Archives ten years ago, these thoughts were on Trucker Slim’s mind.

Footy Language: Talking Clearly, Clearly Classified

Clearly, we have an outbreak of ‘clearly’ usage in footy language. Damian Balasonne examines the phenomenon.

Post-siren: the players v the lens

We all saw the brilliant post-siren vision of the Tiger celebrating their hard-fought Premiership – but should there be such a swarm of media after the final siren? Dave H has his say. (You’ve got my vote – Paddy.)

On Rohan Connolly’s departure from The Age

Japanese footy correspondent Yoshi is sad to see a vastly experienced journalist such as Rohan Connolly depart The Age. Especially at a time when, he says, journalism standards are dropping and the industry looks shaky.

Round 11 – St Kilda v Bye: Enough is enough

Yoshi is frustrated with the footy world and saddened by the terrorism taking place in the UK.

A Frenzy of Sharks

Tony Robb gives the footy media a spray, as self-aggrandising nongs blowing smoke up each other.

My Options on Media

Yoshi pushes back off the sightscreen, charges in and unleashes a bumper at the media.

SEN 1116 – Are We Being Served?

‘Swish’ Schwerdt has been good enough to join us (thanks Andy), and asks if you find SEN Sports Radio informative or annoying? Let us know your brickbats and bouquets.

AFL Media; footy’s vanilla slice

I always looked forward to coming home from school on Tuesday afternoons. It was the day Mum’s best friend would visit and invariably she’d leave behind a scrumptious little selection of cakes, or parts thereof. Ah, the cream bun was my favourite.  The soft donut encasing cream and jam was the triple threat of bakery [Read more]

One Phrase At A Time

Football players and coaches are being coached on and off the field to within an inch of their lives. Their language used to be colourful, but the only colour in football these days is in the jumpers. Media training off the field is killing spontaneity and the thrill of seeing a footballer mangle players on [Read more]