SCG Test, Australia v India – Day Two: Good Blokes

Neither you nor I will ever be as good a bloke or sheila as those good blokes representing Australia – on the field and in the commentary box.

Crio’s Question: Emotive media

Media doesn’t bother to give you the story – it feeds you the emotional response. Is this a new phenomenon or just more apparent these days?

The Middle Australia Report: Edition 1, 2013

If Hussey had made his intentions clear to Ponting a month back, would Punter have jumped before he was pushed? The Middle Australia Report can smell a comeback in the air.

The Solar Eclipse and other great sporting moments

If playing in a great event is not going to happen, the next best thing is to witness it – live if possible. Flying to Cairns for a brief glimpse of the recent solar eclipse left Michael Howard reminiscing over great sporting events witnessed.