Winning and weddings

Magpie Danielle is baaaaaaaccccck, and, boy is she excited! Her Magpies are back in town, and together with her wedding preparations, Danielle is on top of the world.

Dear Mr. Federer,

Danni Eid never doubted Roger. She wants him to live forever – please!

Round 4 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Collingwood, what the…?

Dear Collingwood, I have no words for you… no actually I have a lot of words! Read them here.

Brownlow Fashion 2015 with Duchess Danni

Brownlow fashion 2015 was glitz and glamour galore. While the focus was on Nat Fyfe during the count, the attention was well and truly on the wives and girlfriends as invitees arrived. Have a look at which WAGs Danni Eid thinks got it right and who got it wrong. [Proving that the Almanac community is indeed a broad church. – Ed]

Round 23 – Collingwood v Essendon: The traumatic end

Danielle Eid is back. Love, anger, hope, despair; Collingwood’s last game of 2015 had it all [Familiar, wonderful emotion – Ed].

Graduation gratitude

Its official! Danni Eid is a Journalist and the first thing she wants to do is say thanks. [That’s great news Danni – JTH]

Round 4 – Collingwood v Essendon: Footyfied Friendships

People say that Grand final day is the biggest game of the year but I beg to differ. Team up ANZAC Day footy with a room full of your closest friends add some amazing food and you’ve got a winner. As expected Christian and Tony were well into burning the food when Joanne and I [Read more]

Manly Movember is upon us (soon!)

Dear readers, with November… sorry I mean Movember on its way I thought it was a good time to start spreading some awareness. Plus, what girl doesn’t love a man with a mo? – Danni

Brownlow Fashion 2014

Bling, beading and everything in between Duchess Danni has Brownlow Fashion 2014 covered.

Dear Magpies, we need to talk…

Come out of hiding and step away from your 2010 grand final DVD Magpie fans. Danni Eid wants to talk.

(Nick) Maxwell Smart: Mission Complete?

Will he or won’t he? (He did) Danielle Eid may be jumping the gun here (she wasn’t), but she pays homage to her great man Nick Maxwell, and says thank you to the Collingwood premiership captain.

AFL Round 15 – Collingwood v Carlton: Not driving miss Daisy

Dressed as a frumpy Eskimo, Danni Eid gets seriously grumpy about Daisy Thomas.

Pretty tired but very annoyed

With uni work piling up Danni Eid turns to footy to find some sanity only to find out even footy cannot escape her mood.

AFL Round 5 – Essendon v St Kilda: I’m onto you Bomber!

Danni Eade backs up for a second game in a single day and, with her interest in a sloppy game waning, takes to some crowd-watching. You would not believe who she ends up sitting with. And the penny drops regarding Essendon’s poor performance.

AFL Round 5 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Honey, I’m home.

Danni Eid becomes part of the action (as per usual – Ed), and wears a few hats – loyal Pie fan, groupie, sports reporter – and a pair of sneakers. (Standard D. Eid craziness – Ed)

Malthouse feelings and car park lessons

A Latrobe seminar involving Mick Malthouse and a chance conversation with Mark Stevens have Danni Eid thinking. [Thoughtful piece – Ed]

AFL Round 2 – Sydney v Collingwood: And the curse is broken

Danni Eid’s note to self: never stay home from a family do.

MYM State of Origin champs tell all interview

Weeks after the State of Origin Victory (GO THE VICS!) Dani Eid finally caught up with Coach Wags and MYM superstars Pierre Haddad and Joe Gitani to ask the hard hitting questions.

MYM Vics victorious in state of origin clash

  Danielle Eid As many of you know I have been reporting on footy training sessions and meetings for the MYM (Maronite Youth Melbourne) boys as the team’s journalist. Much like the coaching staff I have seen these boys improve on the field and become a team. All the laps and push ups on boiling hot [Read more]

Diva demands

Basically this piece in the Herald Sun got me thinking. It was about some of the crazy demands and requests celebrities have when they are on tour. This got me thinking if I were famous what would my demands be? After some thought Danni’s Diva Demands include: A Swarovski crystal tiara. 3 Maxibons. A packet [Read more]