Missing the Ox’s Legends

The shocking news came up through Facebook on Saturday.

David Schwarz, the Melbourne Demons champion and radio commentator, was sacked by SEN on Friday straight after he and Mark Allen were off air on their Run Home program. Allen was also told his contract would not be renewed.

The Run Home was my favourite show. The axing itself was shocking but how they were treated fills me with anger.

The Ox has great sense of humour and I was happy when he moved back to the drive hours in January this year. He had missed hosting my favourite segment, the Soapbox, which is proof of how much David enjoyed his work at SEN.

He was not only a good entertainer but also has good analysing skills in footy, and good knowledge of other sports, including football (soccer) and cricket.

The Ox was really good at taking calls from listeners. And Launch Pad was what I enjoyed following, too.

Their late friend and loyal caller, Andy from Pakenham, would feel disgusted with the decision to dump David and Marko.

Why were they treated like so poorly? The Ox has presented shows for 14 years and was popular among listeners.

Many listeners showed anger on social media over the weekend. Most were angered by the circumstances and the fact the pair had no chance to say farewell to their workmates and listeners.

I wish they could have been appreciated and embraced for their great services in 2017 and said “see you next year”. I just feel sorry for the duo and want to express my disgrace to the radio station.

When I saw their building through the car window and on the tram while I was in Melbourne, I was so happy to see my favourite radio station, but I have lost loyalty to SEN, and would still have lost it even if Francis Leach was still presenting (I would still listen to his shows).

The Morning Glory by Andy Maher and Andrew Gaze has gone, as well as Harf Time (Daniel Harford left SEN last year). Now the Run Home

I wonder now if it could be the beginning of a turndown on the radio industry. I guess many online podcasts will replace commercial radio in the future. TV could be replaced by online video podcasts, I imagine.

No matter if such media platform becomes majority or not, popular presenters should be kept by the media. Sadly, the decision is like the radio station version of what The Age newspaper did.

I wish the Ox all the best and hope I can listen to him somewhere else. He is a champion.


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