Almanac Footy (Appreciation): This is not a Liam Shiels song

Trucker Slim is in reflective mood as he thinks back over the impact of the past few years on his appreciation of the footy, then segues to his son’s team, the Preston Bullants, and concludes with an appraisal of Hawthorn’s Liam Shiels.

Almanac Football History – 1858 and all that: the origins of Australian Rules Football

In this extract from his publication on the economics and economic history of the football codes, Tim Harcourt finds that Aussie Rules Football really is ‘a game of our own’ and a social phenomenon that Australians can be truly proud of.

Event: NSW Australian Football Historical Society’s annual lunch with East Sydney’s Greg Harris and Ray Millington

If you’re in Sydney next month and a fan of footy history then you may be interested in this lunch.

Almanac Footy: Tom Wills – A bit of care is necessary

Roy Hay responds to recent revelations on Tom Wills, and to Andrew Starkie’s piece on the subject.

Almanac Teams: An African Australian AFL Team

Damian Balassone has been researching a team made up of African Australian footballers who have played at least one AFL game. It’s an exciting combination.

The Numbers Game (Part 2)

The musings of Matt Zurbo on the how teams entangle with communities in the smaller towns of Australia.

The Osaka Dingoes to host the IMPACT Invitational Cup in July

The Australian Football IMPACT Invitational is being held in Kobe on 7th July, featuring teams from Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. Yoshi provides the details.

Footy exhibition is a winner

Bernard Whimpress pays a visit to a pair of footy exhibitions: In a League of its Own – Celebrating 140 Years of SANFL and Straight Through the Middle – Football in South Australia. He finds that both are really worth a look.

Almanac Soccer – The ABC debacle and a messy aftermath

Tom Riordan addresses the elephant in the room. Was the ABC2 coverage of LIverpool v Sydney really that bad? Yes. A serious bidder for the next A-League TV rights is the laughing stock of the country. Over to you, FFA.

The A-League, Australian football and meaning

With Roy Hay’s lunch coming up this Friday (7 April) we also reprise his response to John Harms’s piece which was published last October:

Historian and sports-lover Roy Hay responds to John Harms’s piece on the A League and meaning with a thoughtful survey of the place of the world game and the A League in Australia.

‘Unification’ Rules: Attempts to Surmount the Great Divide between Australian Football and Rugby League

Pagan Maven with a well-referenced look back at former attempts to amalgamate football codes across Australia. Imagine what could have been… [What do you mean Queensland boycotted the 1933 talks? – Ed]

Heart And Soul

Wesley Hull discusses how people behind the scenes are the heart and soul at a football club and no club would survive without them.

Footy Almanac – of and by the fans

Join Gigs on a nostalgic journey through the history of the Footy Almanac.