Crio’s Question : The Grand Annual Purge?

To be a better person next year – not an unreasonable goal with the bar set so low – there’s firstly the need to cleanse my angry soul….expel the negatives so as to start anew.

There’s a bit there to work through:-

Apparently the paying spectator is just wallpaper for the TV product. We are witness to the coverage, rather than them trying to transmit our experience in to homes. Take, for example, cricket and footy’s habit of a media invasion at the end of a match. None of this “sit back and soak it up” approach. From the stands we see a scurrying of presenters, microphones and cameras as the players, rather than saluting each other and the crowd, are ambushed for rote remarks. The EPL do it better. Get off the pitch and do “pressers” later.

…and don’t start me on “Spidercam”.

Some other frustrations:-

CRICKET – over rates and “captain’s conferences”

FOOTY- the 50m penalty is unfair. There should be a 15 or 50 discretion for the umps.

RACING – belated “all clear”. Too long between races. 10 race cards.

SOCCER – 10 metres. The wall must be set at 10 metres. It is the rule. Police it.

…and I think I’ll “take a bex” on TV commentators for another year or I’ll be in the cuckoo’s nest!

Come on.  Be Empowered! Join the circle of truth or some other Leading Teams innovation liberation and take the Linda Blair experience.

We’ll all be so much nicer in 2014.


  1. Crio,

    I went to Morphettville on Boxing Day. $15 to get in, brought Dodgy and myself a beer each $17, went to get some food…stood in line for 5 mins ( about 10 people but the guy on the register was in a coma) which gave me a chance to view what was on offer and ended up selecting the Chicko Roll because it looked the most appetising. My alternative could have been the pub, zero to get in, $4.50 a pint and $12 for a chicken parmy or at home beers about $2 each by the carton, toasted sammy and bet on the best tote or fixed… that’s my racing incentive to go.

    Footy: another year another coach and lots of hope, go the bays. Versus Port in the last round at the bay once more so bad programming. I can live with the 50 metres but I’m over rule changes and wondering how long it will be before footy rivals soccer for taking a dive.

  2. I’m hearing your pain mate.
    Flemington is now like Morphettville…why would you go?

    Bays will flourish this year – lost interest while GFs were away from Adelaide Oval. Defending champs now back at HQ.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Jock,
    My absolute pet hate is racecourse gate prices.Went to a Sunday meeting at Seymour, $15, nothing published until you front the gate, went to the secretary’s office to vent. He said it was kids day, face painters, pony rides..yep! he said ‘where else would you get 5 hrs of entertainment for $15..the pictures?’
    not the right response!
    Told him when was the last time you went to the flicks and dropped $400? and 5 hrs you must be joking, 8 races 5 friggin maidens and 4 ,5 or 6F races, calculated on the day if they ran record times in all races it would add up to 9 minutes 55.
    Later in the day, a ute full of strippers entered the track handing out cards for club in Shepparton…put a few punctures in their blow up castle for the kiddies!
    $7 a sanger,$7.50 a pot 40 minutes between races, no wonder Shane Templeton looks like such a miserable prick( and he doesn’t pay!).
    TVN and Betfair for me

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Cricket wise re over rates all it needs is run penalties then players would get on with it and stop having meetings seemingly over every ball the planning of field placings eg
    short mid wicket foe , Pieterson has already happened so get on with it .
    England have been as bad in this aspect as in there overall cricket . Cook couldn’t captain pop eye . Racing wise I go to , Oakbank why for the social reason at , $ 30 a head they are having the stupidity to price it out of reach of family’s . In general racing wise when you are competing against pubs why not free admission ?
    Footy wise the poor bloke playing the ball in a pack getting pinged holding th ball and if you really look there has been a too high , in the back free there lack of footy Common sense . In soccer have never understood why there is not a time keeper re time on like there is in aussie rules instead of a ref guessing surely that helps get rid of potential corruption . Crio buggered how they can afford it but th bays are throwing around the coin re recruiting . Thanks Crio I enjoy your questions

  5. Totally agree with cse et al re racing prices. The most redundant person on the planet is the gate keeper at any non carnival meeting. To balance the books I will be guest of VRC Commttee for lunch on NY Day. If you are in the ring I will swing past and kick a few tumbleweeds out of the way for you

  6. I had to think about it because I don’t let too much annoy me these days. But its more a state of mind. I just ignore the pricks on the whole.
    Mostly its the televising of sport. I hate being ‘sold’ anything or ‘entertained’ by something that is not the game.
    Samuel L Jackson is high on my ‘murder the first born’ list, now that ‘Pommy Tommy’ has receded into the background. How many mill does a movie star need to drop so that he has to front mafia ads to pay them back?
    Still given that I listen to him about as much as I pay attention to anything Tony Abbott or Bill/Kevin/Julia say – its just grit in the sandals of life.
    Commentators? I listen to the ABC as much as I can, though Roebuck and now Kerry jumping ship takes a few sixpences out of the pudding. Bryce McGain and Geoff Lawson are good analysts but lack a little joi de vivre.
    Jim and Drew are starting to sound like the crew of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Still tons better than Tubs and Slats, but maybe its changing of the guard time. Matt Clinch, Quentin Hull and Corbin Middlemass go alright.
    Same with footy – I was a huge Bruce supporter (both) until the last few years, but nowadays he is just a parody of himself (Macca not the Boss). Even St Dennis is starting to creak. Its time to do a Trott (Bruce) or a Swanny (Dennis) and wander off to the SCG (Sunset Callers Garden). Still if I was getting a half a mill to go to the footy I don’t expect I would be blowing the siren early.
    I find BT entertaining. It is all about expectations. He is like going to the locked ward at the psych hospital. The guy who can make the most interesting shapes with his faeces is always interesting to listen to.
    No after all of that, my ‘give him a gun with all the chambers loaded’ vote goes to Richo. Again its about expectations. He was my favourite player for so long. He was so uncontrolled and natural on the field for so long.
    Like Randall P, he had to have a lobotomy so he could work in TV (media training). He is the most Victorian-centric of all the tv guys, and can always be relied on for the predictably inane.
    Hall of mirrors time prior to the long walk in the snow. Put the screens around him. Or let him ‘go native’ and replace Kerry at the cricket. Let Richo be Richo? Maybe he is just an amiable buffoon.
    Gee its good to spit up some NYE bile. Thanks Crio – for all your Almanac work. Mondays are always entertaining and thought provoking. And Fridays? Nothing in life is ever wasted, it just serves as a terrible reminder. Cheers.

  7. Jock and Cowshedend- brilliant summary.Thats the reason I go to Strath. – even on Special Days its not more than $12 and wait for it Members get in for approx $7
    Jock and Crio- the Bays will have to do a South under Kerley to be a show this year- go the Roosters

  8. Bays have recruited well, maybe hosting a Sheffield Shield game helped the coffers or “the edge” was sponsoring and giving a 46% return every quarter!

  9. Stan the Man says

    As much as BOOOOOM : 365 Samuel irritates the hell out of me on the tube what gets me is that at the “new” Adelaide Oval there will be NO bookies or TAB facilities. Its ok to ram it down everyones gob on TV but at a sporting venue – where it can supposedly be policed so minors are not corrupted it will not be allowed??

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