My blue tranny and “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, Those days of soda and pretzels and beer”

Here’s a story from a few years ago. Col reflects upon the impact of a small blue tranny during a period of change in his formative years in the 60s.

Missing the Ox’s Legends

Like many, Yoshi was angry with SEN’s decision to get ride of Ox and Marko. He lets loose here.

They Need To Go

Anne Cahill Lambert comes off the long run and whacks The Footy Show right between the eyes. Booomm!

Radio Days

Two hanky alert for men over 40. Vin Maskell exquisitely paints the word pictures of our lives, shaped by the brush strokes of ABC radio commentary. Does Alan McGilvray have a twitter feed?

Crio’s Question: I heard it on the radio

What sporting moments were brought to you on the radio?

AFL Round 23 – Geelong v Sydney: In a strange land. Queens-land.

STATIC. Occasionally interrupted by foreign language radio and golden oldies. Finding an AFL clash on the radio in Brisbane is an acquired skill.

No Foxtel? No problem! There’s always the radio

Saturday mornings are frantic. Filling up water bottles, treating any niggles and getting a tennis bag ready, it isn’t easy! As My Dad, brother and I get in the car, we get half way along the neighbouring street until Dad says, “Max do you have any tennis balls?” We turn back.

Radio One

For some of you that have met me at the Almanac launch last year and various lunches throughout 2010, you would know by now that I’m a shy kid, I keep to myself mostly, and am pretty terrible at keeping my end of the deal in conversation. So it may take many of you by [Read more]

General Footy Writing: I love tipping on radio but I want to beat Crackers

By Josh Barnstable Friday is one of the most enjoyable days of the week, perhaps the best day to many people. This may be because work or school has finished and they get a whole two days off to do whatever they want. The reason I like Fridays are because it’s the end of the [Read more]

Weekend Memoir: Round the grounds

by John Harms   During the past week the scheduling of AFL matches has been a topic of discussion. Monday night’s match between Collingwood and St Kilda, despite being an ordinary game, seems to have been a reasonably successful experiment. However many feel that football has hijacked yet another day of the week.   Spreading [Read more]