Alan Richardson’s Shocking Resignation

Yoshi was blind-sided by the resignation of St Kilda’s Alan Richardson and feels sorry for the fallen coach. From far-away Japan, he offers his thoughts on the best way for the club to move on. (You can almost feel Yoshi’s angst – Ed.)

Round 17 – Geelong v St Kilda: Good efforts but poor performing at 3rd and 4th quarters

Yoshi reports from Japan, where he held pre-game fears for the Saints. A relatively narrow defeat has him considering the future.

Round 16 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: Worried about next weekend

Yoshi is frustrated with St Kilda’s recent efforts, and he’s not looking forward to playing the Cats.

Round 15 – St Kilda v Richmond: Losing MRV Match Saints should have won

Yoshi is not happy with his beloved Saints, feeling that they threw the game away against the Tigers through negative play in the second quarter when attack was the go. His frustrations were compounded by rain washing out training for the Osaka Dingoes.

AFL Round 14 – St Kilda v Brisbane: Open Letter to Alan Richardson – Helping the club for better performances

Yoshi opens his heart up to Alan Richardson in a candid letter calling for improvement after his Saints’ dismal loss to Brisbane on the weekend

Round 14 – St Kilda v Brisbane: Dingoes training turning on field drills to watching horrible Marvel’s game

Yoshi is at the tearing out of the hair stage, and vents his frustration at St Kilda’s poor performance against Brisbane in their Round 14 match as his report indicates.

Yoshi’s thoughts on AFL in Shanghai

What does Almanac Japanese correspondent Yoshi think about the AFL in Shanghai? Check out his thoughts.

Round 13 – Gold Coast v St Kilda: Battle of travelling clubs

After a tiring day at the coal face, Yoshi was pleased to watch a replay of the Saints thrilling win against the Suns. But, why no theme song after the win Yoshi asks?

Round 11 – St Kilda v Port Adelaide: More than a losing game

Yoshi is becoming an internationally famous St Kilda supporter, recognised across the planet. This is his story of the Saints game in Shanghai where he got to chat with Saint Nick.

World Footy: Yoshi steps out for the Hong Kong Dragons in Shanghai

In Shanghai for the Saints v Power game, Yoshi also had a full itinerary of socialising and playing footy for the Hong Kong Dragons. (I’m tired just reading this schedule – Ed).

Round 10 – St Kilda v Carlton: Unexpected socialising, changes and footy fool

Cooking, karaoke, and footy are all part of Yoshi’s day. And his Saints went marching in!

Round 9 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Yoshi Curse Established?

Yoshi works on developing his footy skills but his Saints are letting him down.

Round 8 – St Kilda v West Coast: Dingoes Footy Getaway

Yoshi had a many footy and friendsship experiences over the weekend – unfortunately a loss to the Saints and a mighty headache were among then.

Footy fans: Yoshi in a social media limelight

A chance encounter with a fellow Sainter has Yoshi enjoying a moment of social media fame.

Round 7 – GWS v St Kilda: Once again realising being emotional

Yoshi is finding that he becomes emotional when watching or listening to St Kilda matches. He is obviously a true Saints fan.

Round 6 – St Kilda v Adelaide: Positives from disappointing loss

Yoshi is looking for positives after the Saints went down to the Crows. Result or not, he packed in a big weekend of sport.

Osaka Dingoes’ IMPACT Anzac Day Cup 2019

Anzac Day footy also featured in Japan. Yoshi’s Osaka Dingoes participated in the IMPACT Anzac Day Cup, played between teams from Japan and China.

Round 5 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Great win for underrated Saints

Hard work isn’t always rewarded instantly, but as he watches his Saints down the Dees, Yoshi wonders if patience mightn’t also produce its own rewards.

Round 4 – St Kilda v Hawthorn: Winning a congested and contested game

Watching the game from work presented its challenges, but the replay was instructive, as Yoshi saw his Saints win a game they might previously have lost.

Round 3 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Only Staying Positive is the Key for Footy

Yoshi faces challenges in his support for his beloved Saints as they hit a road bump in Fremantle. Life generally is also a challenge but he must keep strong in both cases.