A Tribute to Mark Fine

The loss of Finey from SEN was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Yoshi as he parts ways with the radio station that broke his heart.

Osaka Dingoes President Matt Gale interviewed by Rohan Connolly

The future of footy in Asia is bright, none more so than at the Osaka Dingoes (Yoshi’s hitting the gym)

Missing the Ox’s Legends

Like many, Yoshi was angry with SEN’s decision to get ride of Ox and Marko. He lets loose here.

Points of views on captaincy

Yoshi presents his latest thoughts about all thing footy, especially his beloved Saints.

Being underdogs amongst SEN’s commentators

For the last few years, Yoshi’s mighty Sainters have been considered as the underdog, from footy tipping to finals predictions.. In 2017, Yoshi hopes that his boys lose that title. [Yoshi is our Japanese correspondent. He’s so keen he listens to SEN on the internet – Ed]

St Kilda Banner for Round 1, 2017

From furthest Japan, Yoshi hears David Schwarz complaining that the Dees v Saints Round 1 2017 fixture is scheduled at Docklands. Yoshi has a suggestion.

Round 6 – Carlton vs Essendon: Seeing ex-Saint captain

St Kilda fan Yoshi with some thoughts on his team’s former star, now Essendon captain, Brendon Goddard.

A-League Game on Christmas Day?

Yoshi counters the possibility of sport on Christmas Day.