Almanac Flashback – Anson Cameron’s Footy Almanac 2009 launch speech (remember this?)

Remember this? Anson Cameron may have shot the Cisco Kid but he knocked everyone over with this classic speech to launch The Footy Almanac in 2009 (A Geelong year).

RIP John Clarke: The Dagg is Dead

Peter Baulderstone mourns the passing – and celebrates the work, wisdom and wit – of John Clarke.

Meetings with Remarkable Men

Peter Baulderstone imagines a meeting between Vic and the Don.

The Summer that Time Forgot

Peter Baulderstone takes advantage of the Almanac’s recent disappearance from cyber-space to suggest that sports history should really have ceased last September. You know it makes sense.

Our Caller Jack

P. Flynn’s salute to Jack Styring.

Our Caller Jack gets The Dog home at Donald

Jack Styring gets a mention in Memoirs of a Mug Punter

Q: Leunig, the Richmond list and American Hustle. A: Things that are massively over-rated

Sean Curtain has a list of things that we waste our time talking about and doing. Richmond are just the tip of his iceberg.

Farewell Andy D

Peter Baulderstone channels Aunty Jack to farewell the Great Helmsman. Please add your own tribute.

Lazy media days of Summer

Tony Robb reckons media coverage of summer sport is as predictable as “night follows day”. Let us know your favourite media beat-up staple: “best ever pre-season”??

Cocks Plate

Daryl Sharpen offers a look back at the Big One. And the title is not a typo. This is a must read for the needy, the greedy and anyone with a funny bone.

Footy Dogs

Peter Baulderstone reckons its cruel to name dogs after footy players. You never know when they will stray to new owners. “Once bitten twice shy” should be the new motto of dog-owning footy fans.

Dockerland Diagrams

They may be disappointed, but these gems from the Dockerland website show that Freo fans have retained their sense of humour.

AFL Grand Final: Food for Thought

Peter Baulderstone had food and footy (in that order) on his mind for Grand Final day.

It’s Time

Forgive us if you’ve heard this before, but Peter Baulderstone tells a familiar tale.

The Pope’s Induction (another leaked e-mail from the Vatican HR department)

Sean Curtain reveals another leaked email from the Vatican HR department.

Who am I?

A short quiz to test the best.

We need more stats and categories in football

Sean Curtain is calling for more relevant statistical categories in football, including WT (wobbly torp), WB (Worm Burner) and CK (crap kick).

Looney Tunes

AFL CEO Elmer Fudd has been granted bail on the charge of causing unnecessary criminal damage to the game. Mr Fudd is unrepentant.

The hastily revised AFL guide to commonly used terms for season 2013

Recent events in the sporting landscape have led to the AFL, in conjunction with Channel 7, releasing a revised media guide and glossary on official changes to commonly used terms in football for the 2013 season.

Sean (and Shane’s) Muppet Manifesto for the Papacy

The news overnight that the ridiculous ACB Rotation policy has now spread to Rome is proof that the Informed Papal Section policy is ruining the game.. It is clear those in charge are Muppets.