Almanac Music: Vale Gerry Marsden

Gerry Marsden, lead singer of the iconic 60s British band Gerry and the Pacemakers, had died aged 78. Ian Hauser still gets the tingles when he hears their iconic songs as he explains in this tribute.

And your enemies closer

What are the most local rivalries in world sport? Dave Brown starts on the Mersey in search of an answer

Almanac Soccer – The ABC debacle and a messy aftermath

Tom Riordan addresses the elephant in the room. Was the ABC2 coverage of LIverpool v Sydney really that bad? Yes. A serious bidder for the next A-League TV rights is the laughing stock of the country. Over to you, FFA.

Almanac Soccer – 10 Interesting Facts About The 2016/17 EPL Season So Far

If you are interested in soccer you might want to give “U.K Football” a try as the matches are played at a much faster pace, in stadiums with world-class stars says John Hawthorne.

Crio’s Question: Who supports the white shorts?

Some teams receive just as much support playing away as at home – Liverpool at the G the most recent example, but many Storm fans swap allegiances when the NZ NRL team visits Melbourne. Conversely, some say the English crickets lose their advantage in Birmingham. Where else are the “white shorts” well supported?

Melbourne Victory v Liverpool: You’ll never walk alone

I’ve been to plenty of Grand Finals at the MCG, and seen some pretty special cricket matches and other soccer games at the Temple Down The Road, but nothing – absolutely nothing compares to the chills up my spine that the singing of You’ll Never Walk Alone generated

Happy 20th Anniversary Liverpool

Most anniversaries are joyous occasions highlighted by celebrations from the parties involved. Not this one. This anniversary represents 20 years since Liverpool stood triumphant on the dais with a trophy representing ultimate success in English top flight football. The only positive to come out of the 2009/2010 campaign was that Chelsea held on for the [Read more]