Round 7- Collingwood v Gold Coast: From bad to worst

Spotting Brayden Maynard in the hotel bar where Danielle Hakim and her husband were staying celebrating joint birthdays was a heart pounding moment for her. Nick Maxwell at breakfast next morning brought more joy for her. Unfortunately the joy was not to last as Gold Coast wiped all the smiles from Danielle’s face. It’s been a tough time for Collingwood supporters.

AFL Round 19 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide (FPS): Magpies finally secure the win after a long drought

Luke Reynolds for the Floreat Pica Society talks about the pain of the past 35 days with their beloved Magpies but, on Sunday, their team showed true perseverance and grabbed a well-deserved win.

Round 17 – Haiku Bob – players faintly

Haiku Bob finally brings himself to write about the Magpies’ decline and Maxwell’s departure.

A Tribute to Nick Maxwell

To meet him, he comes across as ‘just one of the boys’; Luke Reynolds pays tribute to one of his Magpie heroes.

(Nick) Maxwell Smart: Mission Complete?

Will he or won’t he? (He did) Danielle Eid may be jumping the gun here (she wasn’t), but she pays homage to her great man Nick Maxwell, and says thank you to the Collingwood premiership captain.

AFL Round 2 – Sydney v Collingwood: Remnants of the Roman legion, Nick Maxwell and the hipster paradox

David Wilson celebrates a brave Magpie win, and the former captain in his 200th game who is no less a leader for the change of title. Nick Maxwell – a man within a team within a club.

Scarlett calls Maxwell “overrated”

Matthew Scarlett (in his upcoming autobiography) calls Nick Maxwell “overrated” and says he is not respected by the Geelong team. I’ll open this up to discussion.

Meeting Maxy

Many AFL supporters that don’t support Collingwood are quick to degrade Premiership player and Collingwood Captain Nick Maxwell; a little too quick if you ask me.   I won’t shy to the fact that for the past two years I have jumped to Maxy’s defense when he’s bagged in an online or real life environment. [Read more]

Radio Dimwit

It’s 8:40am. I’m like a zombie walking through the Agora, back to the West Lecture Theatre. Still feeling half asleep dodging on coming uni students with a large coffee, 3 sugars in hand I have the look of a killer on my face. I’m not a morning person, I can’t handle 9:00am lectures- my brain [Read more]