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Many AFL supporters that don’t support Collingwood are quick to degrade Premiership player and Collingwood Captain Nick Maxwell; a little too quick if you ask me.


I won’t shy to the fact that for the past two years I have jumped to Maxy’s defense when he’s bagged in an online or real life environment. They may have the right to say what they think about Maxy but I also have right to do my best to prove them wrong.


He may not rack up possessions in Swan style, he may not be a power house forward BUT he is a Premiership player and the Captain of the biggest sporting club in Australia, two privileges that we can only dream of having. We all know that different clubs have unique criteria for picking their leader and after meeting and listening to Nick Maxwell I don’t think Collingwood could have chosen anyone better.


Maxwell came to my university to talk to my sport journalism class about his experience with the media and being on the other side as a player. In that hour and a half something happened that I didn’t think would. My opinion of Nick Maxwell, which I didn’t think could get any higher, hit the highest of heights.


He didn’t sit there commandingly but spoke to us on a level field, not once did my attention wander. Everything he was saying was mentally recorded in my head because it was advice I knew would make me a better journalist. The best thing about Maxy was that you could tell he understands the media and wants it to grow as a field.

He addressed a few key things which make the relationship between journalists and footy players work; this information for the class was a huge deal.


Just when you think he couldn’t get any nicer he stayed back after the lecture for a recorded interview conducted by myself and classmate for our radio feature assignment. Im pretty sure any other player would have made up a lousy excuse not to stay back and help students, but not Maxy. Nick is always there for his family, his team mates, his friends and his supporters.


Im proud to have Maxy as the captain of my team and I think its time everyone else acknowledged him for the amazing captain that he is.

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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Spot on Danielle, a very good player and great leader of our club. I rate his 2012 season better than his All-Australian season of 2010. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and have a beer with Nick a couple of times through my cousin who is his childhood friend. Nick has mentioned my cousin, who is in the army, a few times in the media. I’m sure Maxy has a big future in the media once his playing days are over. Bucks knew what he was doing when he passed on the famous number 5.

  2. Dave Nadel says

    Excellent post Danni. I am pretty sure Maxy is the only player at any AFL club to go from the rookie list to club captain, and certainly the only one to go from rookie to Premiership captain. His journey alone is evidence of the quality of the man. There are better footballers than Maxy at every league club including Collingwood but there are few better men in the AFL.

  3. Thanks Luke and Dave.
    He really is such an inspiring person, his footy struggle is a story in itself.
    What a perfect role model for young Magpies.

    I think you’re right Luke and if Maxy does decide to do more media work, lets just say the standards of our viewing experience will defintely be getting better.

  4. What was that old film Danni? Ah yes, “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”.

  5. lol well he is THAT amazing Phantom. :)

  6. I too have had to defend Maxy a bit. The latest round of Maxy ashing started this week when Collingwood picked up Jordan Russell in the draft. People were quick to comment that the Pies have recruited another spud to help that spud Maxwell.
    No spud gets to be captain of an AFL club, let alone Collingwood.
    I questioned why he cops so much grief and Tom Harley didn’t when they were basically the same player…The response? Maxwell’s not as nice a guy as Harley.
    I’m happy with our guy, nice or not.

    By the way, I love this footy stat: Tom Harley @ Port Adelaide. 1 game, no kicks, 1 goal. So, I’ve been told. The goal was soccered through so doesn’t count as a kick, apparently.

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