crio’s Q?

A “good media performer”…that’s what you wanna be.
Pays heaps, carries cred – opens doors. Develops a “brand”.
Draftees get trained up very quickly.
Be slick or be a “character” – Ch9/MMM bank on a JB/Billy duet.
But class is different.
I’m thinking Anna Bligh post-floods.
In footy, I reckon Bucks is more than just a “product”.
And in Australian sport, C. Williams is the best. Humble, articulate and a winner.
Watch for his insights over Spring.
Anyone dispute that? Other noms?


  1. M Blight has always floated to his own tune as has Richie Benaud. Reckon Leigh Matthews has credibility in spades without pandering to the masses. Not all these are loved by the general public but get the impression that doesn’t bother them.
    I’m sure Mark Doyle can give us the complete list of “Media Buffoons” (anyone not on ABC?)

  2. Always liked the way Pat Rafter goes about his work.

    Heard Luke Ball talk a week back – very good bloke. Throw in Cameron Ling.

  3. Good points.
    Blighty comes across as whimsically original and Rafter as a good bloke.
    That is good for listeners. Good for their own media branding.
    I still reckon there is a certain quality higher than that.

  4. I’ll throw one in.
    Phil Liggett. He has managed to make cycling interesting for me, knows the sport inside out and seems to be universally respected. The guy really has authority on his subject. It’s not easy to keep me awake late on winter nights watching a bunch of guys on bikes riding up a mountain but he managed to hold my attention for a few hours each night for a couple of weeks.

  5. Crio – is there a higher quality than being a good bloke?

  6. Dips, no

  7. Some blokes try very hard to project that image

  8. Phil Liggett is a great nomination.
    Andrew Gaze is a classic.
    Peter Donegan does a great job with second tier stuff.
    Fred Stolle is very easy to listen to.

  9. In the world of cricket Damien Fleming presents as being knowledgable, and personable. In the AFL Robert Murphy ticks both boxes, and i’ m pleasantly suprised at the TV performance of Barry Hall, and Cam Mooney, both who belie the perception that might have been had of them. Two very skilled performers.

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