Round 13 – Brisbane v St Kilda: It’s a LOT

There’s a game of footy which Yvette Wroby watches via the Fan Zone, but there’s so much more. The Robert Muir story. An interview with ChicksTalkingFooty on JoyFM, a St Kilda AFLW Best and Fairest to look forward…there’s a LOT.

Almanac stalwart Yvette Wroby to ‘star’ on Fan Zone this Sunday

Exclusive to the Footy Almanac: Yvette Wroby takes her footy idiocy one step further with Channel 7’s Fan Zone on Sunday 23rd August at 3.35pm for Brisbane v St Kilda. Fan Zone, here she comes.

Tennis anyone?

Worried about the lack of interest at his local tennis club, Joeya shares his opinions and predictions for the upcoming Australian Open.

7 burning questions (and 7 charred answers) as we approach the second week of finals.

Adam Ritchie with 7 burning questions, all beautifully answered, from the first week of the finals.

Round 6 – Carlton v Essendon: Ugly is the new Beautiful

John Butler suggests ugly is the new beautiful after analysing the Carlton Essendon game.

Poor Legacy

The Footy Bogan muses on the up-coming AFL broadcast rights deal. Billion-dollar investments can only mean inescapable avalanches of ads and is that what fans really want?

Is Fremantle’s greatest weakness Channel 7?

Did channel 7 play a role in Fremantle’s loss on Friday night and has it played a role in the past? Sean Mortell discusses.

How much does TV commentary matter anyway?

Hate BT? Despise Little Jimmy Brayshaw? Jeff Dowsing advises you to get over it as the business model that rules sport and television (same thing? – Ed) is not likely to bring back John Arlott and Tony Charlton.

Saints High Performance Camp in Queenstown, New Zealand

Yoshi Imagawa’s itch for all things St Kilda received some scratching on the weekend. Channel 7’s Tom Browne filed a series of reports on the Sainters’ pre-season work in Queenstown, New Zealand.

AFL Broadcast Rights: Place Your Bets

The argy-bargy that accompanies the AFL’s broadcast rights negotiations is set to get underway once again.

Channel 7’s Saturday night pre-game show and its remarkable similarity to a steaming pile of poo

Sean Curtain reckons it was not just the Richmond forward line stinking it up on Saturday.

A moment of clarity

Matt Quartermaine found Channel 7’s insightful panel show so fascinating last night that he is sharing a transcript of the program to enlighten readers, especially beleaguered Bombers supporters.

Footy on Foxtel

Robin has been disappointed by Foxtel’s selection of camera angles this year and asks why is there such a disparity in visual quality between it and Channel Seven.

The hastily revised AFL guide to commonly used terms for season 2013

Recent events in the sporting landscape have led to the AFL, in conjunction with Channel 7, releasing a revised media guide and glossary on official changes to commonly used terms in football for the 2013 season.

Standin’ on the outside lookin’ in

The heat does strange things to people. If we look at the offerings of the past week, one can only assume that the sports administrators and the sporting media has suffered some ill-effects from heat exposure or just plain over exposure.

In the West, Channel 7’s approach beyond a joke

I’ve read a number of complaints in football magazines lately about Channel 7 and their decision to ‘conveniently’ only show the teams for the games which they are televising on their Thursday night news program. Well not only are they excluding the teams they don’t show on the news on Thursday night, they’re shunning these [Read more]

AFL Media; footy’s vanilla slice

I always looked forward to coming home from school on Tuesday afternoons. It was the day Mum’s best friend would visit and invariably she’d leave behind a scrumptious little selection of cakes, or parts thereof. Ah, the cream bun was my favourite.  The soft donut encasing cream and jam was the triple threat of bakery [Read more]

Port no match for the Cats at Kardinia

Sunday afternoon. I am in the position; the same position I’ve been in for almost a fortnight. In bed, leg up. I have a maroon plaster cast from toe-to knee. I am feeling very Queensland and very Fred Flintstone. And pretty sore. A bowtie-wearing surgeon has put my right foot back together. He is a [Read more]