Almanac Footy: From AFL football to tattoo guns

Trying to follow his football dream, Hal Hunter found himself at Essendon’ during the peptide scandal. He has gone on to forge a career in a completely new field. Emile Pavlich spoke to him.

Who to be Upgraded into St Kilda’s Senior List

Yoshi contemplates the Saints top up player for Carlisle

James Hird, Essendon and the CAS judgment

Daddsy is ahead of 99% of the rest of us, having actually read the CAS judgment and considered an opinion. A useful summary of the findings before you next read / listen to James Hird

Mentoring Jake Melksham

Dam is reconsidering Jake Melksham’s year ahead following the small Swiss kerfuffle during the week. Suggestions welcome

Pharmacy 101

Phil Hill shares his professional opinion about the use of drugs in sport and the dental needs of Port fans.

A few things I’ve learnt since leaving Essendon for the Bulldogs

Joefloh reflects on his first season as a Bulldogs supporter after dumping the tainted Bombers. He kept his integrity, found a lot of good mates, and saw a lot of losing footy matches.

On Swearing

Peter Baulderstone muses on the role and effectiveness of swearing in entertaining the crowd and furthering debate. Don’t like it? STFU and SIUYAWYAI.

Did Eddie McGuire know about Essendon’s supplements regimen?

Jackson Clark muses about the ethical dilemmas that face an AFL Club President who is also a media commentator? Would such a person air an issue that was in the public interest, but not in the interests of his club or the game?

Tickets on himself

David Wilson is mad as hell. He’s had enough. He’s Hird enough.

Overheard at Essendon: a conversation between a worried player and an official: “Trust me”

Sean Curtain relays a conversation overheard out at Bomberland this morning. “Tell us it ain’t true Mr Hird/Dank/Little/Thompson.”

Going West

JohFloh (surely not a Bjelke-Petersen?) has had enough. This lifelong Bomber is sick of the hypocrisy and hubris, and is trading up to a lifetime of honest working man’s footy following the Western Bulldogs.

Season In The Abyss – Part Deux

Steve Baker announces “and the winner is….not Sid-a-nee”. On Tanya Hird’s advice the Bombers aren’t getting a cent of Steve’s hard-earned. Bulldogs and Storm fans rejoice.

A season in The Abyss.

S. Baker is not forking out for a Bomber membership. So who would he consider writing the cheque for? Here is his form guide. Interested in what you would do with your hard-earned.

Football’s punishment paradox and integrity matters

Jeff Dowsing has had a gutfull of the AFL’s pious pronouncements and shonky back-room deals. Are we now too disgusted and disillusioned to care about our ‘leaders’ actions – in all walks of life? A thoughtful companion spray to Litza’s and Harmsy’s brilliant Almanac intro pieces on the same topic.

Football’s helicopter parent syndrome

Despite numerous studies which report the negative consequences of helicopter parenting, the AFL is cosseting its clubs more than ever. Lop-sided fixturing, extra salary cap space, priority picks – is the AFL a professional competition or a form of welfare for clubs?