The Essendon in all of us

Alex Darling with his take on the Essendon supplements saga. If you were told to jump, would you ask ‘how high’?

James Hird, Essendon and the CAS judgment

Daddsy is ahead of 99% of the rest of us, having actually read the CAS judgment and considered an opinion. A useful summary of the findings before you next read / listen to James Hird

Era, era on the wall; 2011 –

The final installment of what has been a fantastic series on the history and evolution of the VFL/AFL. Jeff Dowsing looks at the challenges now facing the game and concludes that less is more (you’ll get no arguments there Jeff)

Overheard at Essendon Part 5: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word (or, When are you going to pay for the gift!)

The (farewell) gift that, until yesterday at least, keeps on giving. Part 5 of Sean Curtain’s Tullamarine eavesdropping.

Overheard at Essendon – Part 4: The spreadsheet of truth (WADA, WADA, WADA)

Sean Curtain with another one of those overheard conversations at Essendon.

Round 3 – The Pre-Wrap

For the Philosophical Marngrook Follower… Here’s the Wrap’s crystal ball look at round 3.

Overheard at Essendon: Part 3. This is a win for us?

Channeling Monty Python, John Clarke and Brian Dawe, Sean Curtain reflects on the latest chapter of the Essendon versus ASADA stoush.

Overheard at Essendon again: A post Cronulla deal chat between a worried player and EFC official

Sean Curtain has been hanging around Melrose Drive again, which is nothing like Cronulla.

Walking a mile in their shoes: The case in favour of James Hird

Should a person who has given so much be hung by so little? Sean Curtain has a crack at an impartial view of the return of James Hird.

The Biggest Losers: The full cast list of the EFC drugs issue and who has lost the most (and least) throughout

Sean Curtain surveys the “winners and losers” from the Essendon Drugs Scandal. Cast your own votes for “Heroes and Villains”.

Overheard at Essendon: a conversation between a worried player and an official: “Trust me”

Sean Curtain relays a conversation overheard out at Bomberland this morning. “Tell us it ain’t true Mr Hird/Dank/Little/Thompson.”

Do performance enhancing drugs exist in local football?

Jackson Clark poses a very 21st Century question

Why Essendon’s breathtaking arrogance and legal manoeuvring has to be admired.

Sean Curtain may be laughing at the English cricketers, but the Essendon drugs scandal and the incompetent AFL leadership is no laughing matter. Heads must roll.

Middle Australia: Which way is up for Essendon?

Who’d have thought such rigorous, reasoned thinking would come from Middle Australia (and that The Editor of The Middle Australia Report is a Bombers fan is a nice complication).