Nail paint and crotchless knickers or ‘Leaps and Bounds’: a wander through footy, music and the contemporary world.

Brilliant from Ron Wells. This piece is composed to comment on the musos booked for the Grand Final – but it does so much more. Ron takes us through footy, music and life – with many sharp observations beautifully expressed. Molly even gets a mention and as he’d say: “Do yourself a favour.”

Era, era on the wall; 2011 –

The final installment of what has been a fantastic series on the history and evolution of the VFL/AFL. Jeff Dowsing looks at the challenges now facing the game and concludes that less is more (you’ll get no arguments there Jeff)

Era, era on the wall; 2000-2010

Ahh the noughties. The game as we knew changed significantly as footy got as roof over its’ head and the era where totally professional football created some unwanted distractions for those easily led astray. Dynasties were created while other clubs went far and wide looking for salvation. Clubs or Regimes? Corporates or Fans? Jeff Dowsing gives us his review of footy in a new millennium in what has been a fantastic series.

The Mirror Has Two Faces … But the coin the wilfully blind are flipping tells a different tale.

James Hird v the AFL. Selfishness by Hird? Thuggish application of standover tactics by the AFL? Gregor Lewis gives his view of the court proceedings currently taking place.

Business as Usual

Andrew Starkie says “It’s time for putting football and fans first, not business as usual.” Over to you Gillon.

WWRAD: a guide for moral decision-making (or How Rick Astley can change your life)

Sean Curtain argues the case for Rick Astley as a modern-day guru cum prophet. [May prompt a diverse reaction – Ed]

The Last Word on Andrew Demetriou

Steve Alomes has sent us an extract, analysing the approach of Andrew Demetriou, from his recent book.

Farewell Andy D

Peter Baulderstone channels Aunty Jack to farewell the Great Helmsman. Please add your own tribute.

Why Essendon’s breathtaking arrogance and legal manoeuvring has to be admired.

Sean Curtain may be laughing at the English cricketers, but the Essendon drugs scandal and the incompetent AFL leadership is no laughing matter. Heads must roll.

11 random observations from the first week of the finals: No dwarves were harmed in the making of this article

It is great to have the footy back. Not a peptide to be seen, no interviews at Stephen Dank’s house (why does he lock a little gate we can all step over?), and people talking about, (I don’t know, crazy idea here), THE GAME! (And Sean has given us plenty to talk about here – Ed.)

Year of the farce

The doc gets to the root of Andrew Demetriou, sorry, the cappo di tutti capi’s problems. It’s not pretty.

AFL Round 14 – preview: The Pre-Wrap

The Wrap is suggesting – respectfully of course – that the scheduling of the Ayatollah’s annual leave may well have been ill timed.

AFL Round 13 – Preview: Vlad, we have a problem!

Holding up the bottom of your tipping competition? Then let Sal Ciardulli be your guide with his foolproof (?) selections.

Football’s helicopter parent syndrome

Despite numerous studies which report the negative consequences of helicopter parenting, the AFL is cosseting its clubs more than ever. Lop-sided fixturing, extra salary cap space, priority picks – is the AFL a professional competition or a form of welfare for clubs?

We didn’t start the ire

Jeff Dowsing’s little ditty on the state of footy (with apologies to Billy Joel).

Welcome to the Devolution

Jeff Dowsing applies the Theory of Devolution, and some whip-cracking, to the current direction of the AFL rule-makers.

Vlad the Prince

The Melbourne “agreement” stinks of Machiavellian pragmatism with a couple of sacrificial lambs thrown to the wolves in Dean Bailey and Chris Conolly and a $500,000 fine that will undoubtedly be covered by AFL special dividends.

That’s Entertainment?

Predicting who will grace the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the 29 September has stretched the capacity of even the sharpest frontal lobes this season, and others such as Luke Darcy. But only now has the picture become clearer, since the AFL brains trust returned from their London Olympic Games reccy.  One place has actually been decided [Read more]

AFL bites the bullet

In a bid to finally fix the inequity of the fixture – where 18 teams play 22 rounds – the AFL has bitten the bullet and will embark on the most sensible option. It will introduce five more teams. Commercial realties dictate a 22-round season must be maintained. Except for this year, when a 23-round [Read more]

The Footygods: The Titans and the Giants

  by Ian Latham You can always tell Zeus. He’s the middle aged greek bloke either standing up looking serious with his thunder bolts or sitting down looking serious. You didn’t want to get in his way. Well, tell that to the Titans. They thought that they just owned the place, which was true. They [Read more]