Almanac Cricket – The all-time Australian men’s MCG XI: dodging the snorefest

It’s one thing to get the runs on the board on a flat deck, quite another when the game is in the balance. Dave Brown looks at the best men’s performances at the MCG over the years

Almanac Cricket: Wayne Phillips – 159 On Test Debut

Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood pays tribute to the career, life and humour of South Australian left-hander Wayne Phillips, who famously made a brilliant 159 on his Test debut.

The Ashes – Fourth Test: Have a go you Mugs!

Malby Dangles remembers a slow day at the MCG Test in 1990-91 and considers the place of overly circumspect batting in this MCG Test just finished.

Blind, Deaf and Clueless. Not Out, Hit Wicket

Resident Cricket Umpire Phil Hill brings to light the nuances of Law 27 Appeals and how it relates to a Hit Wicket decision.

Bob Heard and The End of Innocence

Prompted by a John Harms photo, Paul Quilty remembers Preston Bullants when peanuts were 5 a bag and Heard and Reid dominated Cramer St Oval.

James Hird, Essendon and the CAS judgment

Daddsy is ahead of 99% of the rest of us, having actually read the CAS judgment and considered an opinion. A useful summary of the findings before you next read / listen to James Hird