Sliding doors and Groundhog Day and Standing at the Crossroads

Rick Kane has no time for James Hird’s metaphors and suggests a few of his own.

Mentoring Jake Melksham

Dam is reconsidering Jake Melksham’s year ahead following the small Swiss kerfuffle during the week. Suggestions welcome

Era, era on the wall; 2011 –

The final installment of what has been a fantastic series on the history and evolution of the VFL/AFL. Jeff Dowsing looks at the challenges now facing the game and concludes that less is more (you’ll get no arguments there Jeff)

Carlton Drought; a brew for the ages

As we prepare to get the 2015 finals series off to a fly tonight at Subi, Jeff Dowsing takes a look at the AFL’s wheel of fortune. It might turn slowly, but when it does, it turns with some pretty hefty force – viz: Carlton, Essendon, Brisbane, Melbourne and Collingwood (in the wake of 1990). [Shouldn’t have too much trouble getting on the course on GF Day if the need should arise old mate! – Ed]


Rick Kane laments some of the sad happenings that arose during this “sorry Home and Away season”. On the other hand, he lauds the refreshing Final 8 teams that 2015 has thrown up.

The 2015 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Twenty

Earl O’Neil on the Essendon situation over the past week, which included James Hird leaving as coach.

Overheard at Essendon Part 5: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word (or, When are you going to pay for the gift!)

The (farewell) gift that, until yesterday at least, keeps on giving. Part 5 of Sean Curtain’s Tullamarine eavesdropping.

Lawyers, Drugs and Money: An Easter Homily

The AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal verdict reminded Peter Baulderstone of Judas, Pilate and the High Priests. Easter greetings to all.

Can Essendon Field a Pre-season Team?

John Tait runs the slide rule over Caro’s ‘could haves’ and calculations. Did the Bombers have a ready-made cunning plan?

Overheard at Essendon: Part 3. This is a win for us?

Channeling Monty Python, John Clarke and Brian Dawe, Sean Curtain reflects on the latest chapter of the Essendon versus ASADA stoush.

Hird et al: some observations

James Hird is back in court again. E.Regnans reckons he’s a gift that keeps on giving (for QC’s and outraged writers).

Gone Girl/Guy: What movies tell us about Essendon and ourselves

Peter Baulderstone saw a great movie on the weekend, and wonders who is the ‘Gone Girl’ in the Essendon saga? And what does each of these modern fables tell us about how we choose to understand our “truth”?

Schrödinger’s club: an experiment on the duality of James Hird

Heads up Nobel Prize panel; Dave Brown fires towards Stockholm with his allusion to Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. The original presented a cat that may be simultaneously both alive and dead. So of course, that means the coach at Essendon is… wait…

Overheard at Essendon again: A post Cronulla deal chat between a worried player and EFC official

Sean Curtain has been hanging around Melrose Drive again, which is nothing like Cronulla.

Walking a mile in their shoes: The case in favour of James Hird

Should a person who has given so much be hung by so little? Sean Curtain has a crack at an impartial view of the return of James Hird.

The Biggest Losers: The full cast list of the EFC drugs issue and who has lost the most (and least) throughout

Sean Curtain surveys the “winners and losers” from the Essendon Drugs Scandal. Cast your own votes for “Heroes and Villains”.

Tickets on himself

David Wilson is mad as hell. He’s had enough. He’s Hird enough.

An lifelong Essendon supporter’s response to the club’s latest actions

Rod Oaten explains why he will not be an Essendon member next year.

The Almanac Podcast – Episode Eight

The Footy Almanac Podcast with The Elbow, Matty Q, Harmsy and Stone Cold is back.

The Elbow fights for Carlton time, there’s more denouement and other poorly pronounced words, Wandering speaks from a bucks party bus en route to Ascot, the shambolic Essendon situation is given the shambolic treatment it deserves with a discussion mind-boggling in its absence of structure and focus, and there’s the World Cup.

Charlie and the Footydream factory: a day in the life

David Wilson thinks that many aspects of the Essendon drugs saga are setting a bad example for our kids. And alleged use of illegal substances is only part of the story. What happens when individuals surrender their responsibility to ‘authority’ and group think?